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Week Three: Spot Sampler Area 3, Area 10 & Area 18 (w/c April 27)

From the DJ Sampler we will cover Band 6 Costal Ti-Tree and the Blackwork Borders as well as Band 3 Flora. These are primarily in Cross Stitch.




Week Three Colour Selection

I have chosen to bring in the red/orange/yellow colour combination for the Blackwork/Cross Stitch flowers across the three Areas.

I also chose to blend in the ‘pink tan’ (DMC 3772) to soften the red (DMC 666) on the Coastal Ti-tree petals (meaning one strand of each in the needle). Adding a hint of a colour in this Area will make using it elsewhere more harmonious to the overall piece is part of my thinking.

And yes it is fussy to use three colours in each petal but I am happy with how it turned out.



This document is a version of the Chart for Areas Three, Ten and Eighteen with the colour removed. It can be used for trialling colour options before you stitch.


Layout for Areas Three and Ten

These two Area’s together form the structure of the Sampler’s Band 6 with the Blackwork border designed by Penny Wolswinkel ‘top and tailing’ Sheryl Turton’s Coastal Ti-Tree Cross Stitch design.

It was fabulous to be in the room as the Design Team worked with each of the designer’s samples to try to create a cohesive overall story. This did take some time and believe it or not, Penny’s Blackwork borders originally surrounded her Assisi Band until they found the final spot in Band 6.

Stitching Area Three

I started Area Three with a Waste Knot in line with the centre of the flower and then worked back over the thread.

I did not snip the Waste Knot until after I had finished all the petals to ensure it was well secured.

Take care with your quarter stitches, it is so much easier to work them as you go rather than finishing a petal and finding you missed them. It’s easy to do.

I also finished my Lazy Daisy leaf stitches over a thread rather than into the same hole. The long loop of the stitch sits flatter in my view, give it a try and see what you think.

Stitching Area Ten

I worked the green stems primarily in Back Stitch working from left to right.

The red Cross Stitches were then added.






Layout for Area Eighteen

I counted up from the bottom tacking line and then used the centre tacking line as my guides.

I have to admit that working this Area in such an isolated spot made me pause and consider tacking the Areas either side to ensure I positioned this correctly.

If in doubt add more tacking, the minutes it takes is nothing compared with the time and wear and tear of having to re-work the motif.

Stitching Area Eighteen

I started with a Waste Knot and worked the green Cross Stitches first before moving on to the other colours.
The challenge for this one is changing thread so often and the bulk this can add to the back of your work.
There are some techniques you can use to minimise this such as working an isolated Cross Stitch start and finish.
There are many ways to tackle this, I would love to hear others recommendations.

To finish Area Eighteen short segments of the connecting stem are stitched on either side in a contrasting colour. I used two strands of the lighter green (DMC 3819) and used primarily Back Stitch with Running Back Stitch where needed.

Remember send any comments, photos or feedback by email to [email protected].
Happy Stitching!

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