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Week Nine: Spot Sampler Area 14, Area 19 & Area 15 (w/c June 8)

From the DJ Sampler we will cover Band 12A Pulled Thread Work and Band 12B Drawn Thread Work.





Layout for Unit Nine

Decisions, decisions……..

The DJ Sampler Design Team very much wanted an inclusive project with lots of capacity for each stitcher to make it their very own.

One of the ways this was achieved was by providing choices along the way and presenting more challenging options for those more accomplished in some techniques. Band Twelve is one of the examples of this where a design, Flowering Gum, is presented in both Pulled Thread (suitable for all stitchers) and Drawn Thread (for advanced stitchers).

For some of us with no Whitework experience both Bands looked daunting to be honest so the Spot Sampler has been the perfect way to give both a try.

From a Layout point of view we are starting to fill the remaining space on our linen, time to find out if everything will fit! 🤔

Thank you to Lorna, the designer of these bands, for providing some additional instructions to build confidence. These have been much appreciated in our workshops to date as they provide options for tackling the Bands that you may find easier to interpret.

Stitching Area Fourteen

Designed by Lorna Law

From the Diamond Jubilee : Band 12a Pulled Thread Work, page 17.

DJ Sampler Band 12b by Alison Cole

The Pulled Thread version of Flowering Gum Band on Diamond Jubilee Samplers has seen some delightful use of colour as well as the traditional use of colour matched thread.

When deciding what colour I would do it turns out that I needed to respect the recommendation to use a strong thread of a suitable weight for the linen I was using.

Meaning stranded cotton is not strong enough and putting two threads in the needle was not the way to get introduced to Pulled Thread work. Made my decision easy – use the Perle 12 Ecru I had on hand for my 32 count linen.

I started with a Waste Knot under the Satin Stitch border and made sure I pierced the thread to ensure it was well anchored. I could have started with an Away Knot just as easily and then finished off behind my work once I had worked the border.

For the Spot Sampler I worked the diagonal stitch path described in the Additional Notes, took my time and was pleased with how it turned out. Not having to make allowances for leaves and blossoms meant I could concentrate on the Step pattern.

Using the Ecru Perle 12 means no obvious thread shadow on the diagonal stitches that cross the back of my work. I would expect using the vertical/horizontal stitch path as described in the DJ Sampler Instructions would eliminate this if I was using a high contrast thread.

I really enjoyed stitching this motif.😃

Stitching Area Nineteen

The Flowering Gum blossom was such fun to stitch, it is tucked into a neat little spot on the Spot Sampler so I did fuss a bit at the start trying to work out what size I should make it.

As I needed to do a tracing for my DJ Sampler I resorted to using the transfer template from the Charts (5.1) and lining it up with a circle stencil that I have. The diameter was 4 mm so that is what I traced onto my fabric very carefully!

I had a Crewel #8 needle close at hand and working with that stitched a Buttonhole Eyelet then worked the Long-legged French Knots (Pistil Stitch).

I will have a bit more space to work with on my DJ Sampler and think I will use a larger needle for more rounded French Knots but I was happy enough with how this came out.


 Flowering Gum Design Transfer

We had had some chatter about transferring the design for the DJ Sampler on Zoom.There are so many factors that can affect the sizing of the design template in your Charts (5.1). Everything from printer settings to ground fabric counts can impact!

Even when you think you have everything in order as I did, for some reason I still needed to make adjustments.

And just a mention that the Step stitch used for this Band (7 vertical, 4 horizontal) fits best over a 3 thread grid count so working a 195 x 75 thread rectangle for your DJ Sampler will give you a more accurate finish.

As I am using 32 count linen I thought I would just trace off the template and it would fit. When it didn’t, I did a photocopy reduction of 92% but discovered that it now fit vertically but it was too narrow horizontally so the leaves seemed too small!

My answer was to take the original tracing – you can see my Satin Stitch border through the tracing paper and where the pencil border is half a centimetre higher than it. I erased the original stems and redrew them freehand to suit the space I had. Pretty straightforward solution in the end. So my advice, if you can get the leaves the way you want them then you can work the rest to suit.

And I chose to tack my design before Lorna suggested that I should have tacked it in a thread of the same colour as my ground fabric. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to remove it later. Words of wisdom from our expert!

 Stitching Area Fifteen

 Designed by Lorna Law

 From the Diamond Jubilee Sampler: Band 12b Drawn Thread Work for Flowering Gum, pages 18 & 19
As I have not planned to have this Band on my DJ Sampler I hadn’t really studied this motif.

But I signed up for the Spot Sampler so here was my chance to give it a go regardless. And I am glad I did. I took my time and followed the instructions carefully and it worked out okay.


I continued using the Ecru Perle 12 and found it reasonably straight forward to Buttonhole stitch the border. I will get better with practice pivoting around the corners.






For the rookie:
Snip your fabric threads from the rear of your work, you will get a neater cut that way.







For the rookie:
Check there isn’t a thread lurking behind the purl of your Buttonhole border before you start cutting.

Easy to see on the right hand side of the photo isn’t it? I noticed it when I had finished removing all the horizontal threads. Oh dear!





I used Ecru DMC Special Dentelles to do the Basic Ground weave working on the diagonal as described in the Additional Notes.

Turns out this is a really simple stitch but is a really effective way to take raw fabric threads and ‘finish’ them into something much more elegant.





Working with the Ecru Perle 12 I then completed the weaving of the leaf element.

I used the Spot Sampler photo for the design layout as this leaf shape is not included in the Charts (5.2)






My Spot Sampler is filling fast a reminder that we don’t have that many weeks left to go!

Love to see you on Zoom if you have a question! 👍

Remember send any comments, photos or feedback by email to [email protected].

Happy Stitching!

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