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Week Five: Spot Sampler Area 6 & Area 7 (w/c May 11)

From the DJ Sampler we will cover Band 10 Assisi: Flowering Gum and Band 8 Surface Stitchery: Waratah.



 Layout for Unit Five : Area Six and Area Seven

Two more floral motifs that add great variation in technique to the project.

The Flowering Gum in Assisi is the band that generates questions about using variegated thread.

The Waratah has seen the greatest variation in interpretation.

It is important to understand how you stitched Area One when starting Area Six to make sure your placement is correct.

Unit Five Colour Selection

I am looking to incorporate the same colour blends in all the florals on my Spot Sampler – red, orange and yellow and use the most vibrant green ((DMC 904) as the complementary colour.

I don’t have a variegated thread as I have seen used on other Samplers for the Assisi Band and I love the ‘camouflage’ effect Susan achieved on her Spot Sampler version – what to do?

Just a quick comment on using a variegated thread – to ensure you get colour variation finish both arms of each Cross Stitch before going onto the next stitch. And if using two or more threads, after separating them ply them back together aligning the colourway. If your use of a variegated thread is too subtle then from a distance it won’t be visible at all.



This document is a version of the Chart for Area Six and Area Seven with the colour removed. It can be used for trialling colour options before you stitch.

Stitching Area Six

Designed by Penny Wolswinkel

Reference: DJSampler Instructions : page 13, Chart 2.3

For the Spot Sampler I decided to work a ‘halo’ background with the four shades of green that I had rather than try to attempt a blend.

I learned about the ‘halo’ colour blend option when studying 17th century schoolgirl embroidery with Tricia Wilson Nguyen of Thistle Threads. I don’t think it would work for the full Flowering Gum Assisi band but for the Spot Sampler motif I am happy with the outcome.

You will see that I chose to stitch the flower first then work the halo outward from this. Made sense to me at the time but I do acknowledge that doing the outline stitching last means it ‘sits on top’ of the background more effectively.

On my DJ Sampler I switched up the order and worked the outline stitches last on the Assisi band. And yes I used a sharp needle to get the stitches just where I wanted them. I used a Sulky 12 weight thread that is new to me and is very nice to use. It was the best colour match I could find as DMC didn’t have a Perle 12 or Dentelle to match.



Area Seven: Waratah Variations

Designed by Lorna Law

Reference: DJSampler Instructions : page 11, Chart 4.1

Lorna certainly created a beautiful band for the Diamond Jubilee Sampler. And it seems that this is the Band that each of us have chosen to ‘tweak’ as every version of the Waratah flower head I have seen is a little bit different. One thing though, they are all beautiful!
I have seen:
  • metallic thread being blended into the Eyelet and the first Detached Buttonhole Bar
  • additional threads being added to the base long stitch to create more ‘bulk’ to buttonhole over
  • extra petals being added to create a fuller flower head
  • the upper leaves being offset rather than aligned.


Stitching Area Seven

First thing to note is that the Waratah motif is a smaller version of the design described in the DJ Sampler Instructions.
  1. the stem is only 13 chain stitches long
  2. only the two upper leaves are worked
otherwise the technique is as described.
Not sure there is such a thing as a tri-colour Waratah, lets just say I have taken inspiration from the Yellow Waratah for my colour scheme 😉.
And added a bit of sparkle by blending a single strand of my Madeira metallic thread with a single strand of yellow DMC (444).
I worked the stem and leaves first and did a thread count guide for the leaves as I found it easier to work from.
I worked the round Eyelet and vertical Detached Buttonhole Bar before the orange bars then the red in two strands of DMC. I worked in this order as I felt it important to do the bottom bars last to ensure I could get the base to look like a champagne coupe, that would be just right! 🤔
And I am delighted with the result – yes it looks different from the others but it suits my Spot Sampler and that’s what matters! 😃



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