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Week Eight: Spot Sampler Area 12 & Area 13 (w/c June 1)

From the DJ Sampler we will cover Band 9 Surface Stitchery – the Rosella’s and the Pink Heath




Week Eight Layout

Designed by Victoria Laine

Reference: DJSampler Instructions : pages 12 & 13, Chart 4.2

The Arcaded Chain Band with Rosellas and Pink Heath is perhaps the most discussed band on the Diamond Jubilee Sampler.

Inspired by historic samplers it challenges us to work Tent Stitch over one thread in various colours and deal with an upside-down bird. 🤔

While many have remained faithful to the original Band design others have turned the centre bird upright and others have left that bird off altogether!

Selected colourways have had to be adapted meaning the Rosella becomes a Budgerigar! 🐦

But there is no doubt of the charm of this Band so working the elements on the Spot Sampler is the perfect way to gain confidence.

Unit Eight Colour Selection

Having selected my original colours from my Lorikeet mug I knew I would be prepared for aligning my threads to the colours required.

I studied the original charts closely and matched my colours for the birds. You will work out quickly that the birds on the Spot Sampler are reduced in size than the originals and this changes down the number of colours you need.




My version of the Pink Heath though has been adapted to my brights and I have chosen to use my Madeira metallic thread for highlights.

This document is a version of the Chart for Area Twelve and Area Thirteen with the colour removed. It can be used for trialling colour options before you stitch.








 Stitching the Tent Stitch Bird

Susan has chosen to adapt the Tent Stitch bird for the Spot Sampler by adding stitches in some places and removing some others. It is entirely your preference if you decide to do this. I did and my changes are on the this chart.
I have followed Susan’s colour plan however I used my Madeira metallic thread as a substitute for the white patch under the eye.
I used two threads of DMC stranded and stitched over one thread.
Tent Stitch
I stitched what I refer to as Continental Tent Stitch. As opposed to Half Cross Stitch or Basketweave.
I prefer this approach as it covers the linen with a greater density of thread, much of it on the back.

Most good stitch books will take you through this discussion but a quick reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tent_stitch

Stitching the Brick Stitch Bird

The Brick Stitch Bird has not been adapted and I did stitch true to the pattern first up.
I have followed Susan’s colour plan however I used my Madeira metallic thread as a substitute for the white patch under the eye.
I did use three greens for this version whereas I use only two in the Tent Stitch version.
I used two threads of DMC stranded to start with.
And then…..
We have had a good discussion about this on Zoom actually, the way darker colour threads seem to provide less coverage over the linen than lighter colours. We are in agreement that this is to do with the dyeing process.
Regardless I felt that head of my bird could be improved, particularly the red area and the beak.
So I over-stitched a third strand of the red DMC and extended 5 of the stitches by one thread to round out the top of the head. I then over-stitched the beak with 2 additional strands of the dark brown DMC to fill it out.
Once this was complete I didn’t feel the need to add anything else and I can see myself doing the same thing on my DJ Sampler.


Stitching the Pink Heath

Order of Work
  • I chose to work the lower green leaf first, working off an Away Knot.
  • then the body of the flower working the centre orange stitches first and working outward.
  • followed by the trellis in two strands of Madeira metallic thread*
  • then the six Lazy Daisy stitches
  • and finally the two wrap French Knot in the two strands of the Madeira metallic thread
  • the other leaf was then worked as I could then make sure I had it in the right place
*I didn’t feel the need to tie down the trellis intersections but I could have.
Thread Blending
I did blend colours in the body of the flower, putting in 2 stitches of orange/yellow and two stitches of orange/red. Not sure I can tell to be honest, all that fussing not really necessary! 😆

Remember send any comments, photos or feedback by email to [email protected].

Happy Stitching!

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