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Pushing the Boundaries

We’re a quilting group that plays with ideas to help us move a little beyond our standard comfort zone. Every two months a member issues a challenge for us all and it’s wonderful to see how varied the interpretations are.

Currently Annette Cleary has issued a ‘Colours of Australia’ challenge (results to be brought to our meeting on Monday October 27).

Pushing the Boundaries Challenge or download a copy.

August-September 2019: Annette Clarey


  • An exercise in colour play!
  • Select an Australian landscape picture that appeals to you. (The picture could be a scenic view, but it could also be a more focussed picture of a single element of the landscape).
  • Analyse the colours it contains (I suggest you pick only 4 – 5 major colours) and the proportion of each colour in the picture.
  • Create a piece that reflects the feel of the picture, using the colours and proportions you have identified.
  • The only restriction in size or type of piece is that you cannot attempt to directly replicate the picture.
  • Bring your piece (and the original picture that inspired you) to our meeting at Embroidery House on Monday October 7, at 10.00am.



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