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Machine Embroidery – Monthly challenge


This is a great group if you are interested in using your sewing machine in any manner to create embroidery. We tend not to discuss the digitised version of machine embroidery, but rather free machine embroidery (although some members do utilise digitsed machine embroidery).

As many of our machines are bulky, we do not generally bring our machines to the meetings. Rather, we have show and tell, discuss any embroidery problems we may be experiencing (there is a wealth of information around the tables!), let each other know of interesting exhibitions, and so on.

Absolute beginners to machine embroidery are more than welcome to come along.

Each year we try to give ourselves a new monthly challenge for the year.

We meet at Embroidery House on the first Sunday of every month (except January) from 10:00am – 12:30pm. Some ladies stay and have lunch together after the meeting.


We have two monthly challenges for 2019 –


You choose the size you wish to create your pieces, and can be 3D. You may wish to build your won larger picture/diorama with the pieces from each month.

February – Poultry;

March – Barns/buildings/fences;

April – Crops;

May – Machinery;

June – Farm workers/farmers;

July – Pigs;

August – Cows;

September – Horses;

October – Sheep/goats;

November – Water supply/windmill;

December – Working dogs/cats.



To help June (and others of us) de-stash, June will be bringing a particular item (in bulk) from her stash each month to give away to us to create something special with. You are invited to bring along your own excess items of the same type to give away to others as well. We aim to bring back the finished challenge pieces the next month for show and tell – and to donate them to the Gift Boutique ☺

So far we have:

December 2018 given out for bringing back in February – Shrink-it plastic and hand made beads

February – bring in to share pieces of fabric you have tried the “chenille” technique on (when it was all the rage).

March – bring in to share background fabrics you have created.

April – Tyvek pieces (distressed or not) or distressed wrapping pieces

May – Sheer fabrics (patterned, stamped, plain or other)

June – handmade books

July – UFO’s of any size

August – bits and pieces

September – fabric pieces

…more to come! …


And in case you still need it:

MONTHLY CHALLENGE FOR 2018: Taking inspiration from Music/Song titles (size A5):

February – Rhapsody in Blue;

March – Here Comes the Sun;

April – The Four Seasons;

May – All That Jazz;

June – Blowin’ in the Wind;

July – Ebony and Ivory;

August – Riders on the Storm;

September – Standing in the Rain;

October – The Firebird Suite;

November – I still call Australia Home;

December – Thank You for the Music.





Learn, create,
stitch, make friends

Beginners welcome.

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