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Creative Playgroup

Dear Fellow Creative Stitchers,

For the May 2019 session of Creative Playgroup at Embroiderery House, Malvern on:

Tuesday May 21 from 10 am  the topic is NEEDLE FELTING GUM NUTS:

Lead by Chris Trimnell


As you know this year’s exhibition theme is ‘Artistic Needles’. This is also the first year that group projects may be entered.

That got me thinking –

Further thinking … if we could do needle felting this would also be a different type of ‘artistic needle’ to what most will use.

I’ve had a Jenny Romano ‘gumnut’ mini wallhanging in my bedroom for about 8 yrs now and have always loved the idea of adapting this. So I thought why not use this as our inspiration for creating a tree of gumnut people!

Jenny’s gumnut home is more like a pouch and she would have used both wet and dry needle felting, but we can create something similar by dry needlefelting only. Of course, I will acknowledge Jenny Ramono as the inspiration behind our work.

I’ve purchased the necessary wool, felt and some needles and tried both hand needle felting (attachment 2) and using my embellisher (attachments 3 & 4).



My plan then for Tuesday 21st May is for everyone who attends, to create a little ‘home’ for a gumnut person by dry needlefelting.

I will supply the heads and will later attach the completed ‘homes’ to a 3D tree trunk made out of wire, felt and wool (or whatever works best!)

If you have an embellisher please bring it – this definitely speeds up the process! If not, the handfelting will still be achievable within 2 hrs.

I have a supply of camel coloured felt to use as the backing pieces, the wool, an embellisher, a few hand needles and the foam squares to use with hand felting.

If you have never done needle felting before – rest assured it’s super easy! The attachments are only my second ever attempt using this technique and materials.

So I know how much wool and felt to bring could you please let Viv or myself know you are coming.

[email protected]


Also please advise if you have an embellisher that you are willing to bring and/or if you have a hand needlefelting needle, as I may need to purchase some more.

I can purchase some extra hand needles if necessary – the double needles shown in attachment 2 are perfect and available from Daiso for only $2.80.

Please note: there will be a $3 charge per person, plus $2.80 if you want me to purchase a needle for you.

Hope to see lots on the 21st. 🙂


In August we will ‘Craft the  Leaves’ to attach to the tree (needle felting, embroidery, water soluable leaves, etc)


Cheers – Chris Trimnell









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