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Week Seven: Spot Sampler Area 20 (w/c May 25)

From the DJ Sampler we will cover Band 11A Drawn Thread Work with Figure 8 embellishment.



Layout for Unit Seven

Welcome back to the world of Whitework!

A step up in complexity from our earlier Drawn Thread motif in Area 11. Perhaps not for the experienced but for those new to Whitework another opportunity to gain confidence snipping and removing threads from their work.

When you look at this Band on worked Diamond Jubilee Samplers you will see some taking the traditional approach with the thread colour used matched to the ground fabric.

Other have chosen to highlight either the Satin Stitch bars and/or the Figure 8 embellishment with a block colour thread or a blend of threads.

The choice is yours, I decided to go traditional on my Spot Sampler as I will be on my big Sampler. So I am using DMC Perle 12 Ecru on my 32 count Permin ‘Lambswool’ linen.



One of the busiest designers at our workshops has been our Whitework specialist, Lorna. Many questions have come Lorna’s way so we say ‘thank you’ to Lorna for providing us with some extra ‘hints and tips’ to get us through the Whitework motifs on the Spot Sampler (especially where these differ from the DJ Sampler Instructions).

A must to download – the Whitework Hints for the Spot Sampler!

Stitching Area Twenty

Designed by Carol Bateson

Reference: DJSampler Instructions : page 14 & 15

With the Instructions close at hand, I worked this motif step by step.

Step 1.1

the Satin Stitch bars.







Step 1.2
Remove four threads from the top and the bottom
Step 1.3
Work Hem Stitch from the back of your work






Step 2.1
Remove the centre 8 threads







Decorative Stitch, the figure 8.

The bottom bar is finished at either end as per the Instructions.

The top bar has some compensating stitches put in to ‘fill’ at both ends. Make this decision before you start as the extra stitches are the very first you will add. Start the figure 8 pattern eight threads in and work around the centre two threads before following the pattern as described in the Instructions. Adjust in the same way at the other end.

Decorative Stitch– work the Coral Knots








Remember send any comments, photos or feedback by email to¬†[email protected].

Happy Stitching!

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