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Spot Sampler Stitch-A-Long

Welcome to the Diamond Jubilee Sampler Stitch-A-Long (SAL)!

Not to let a simple thing like the closure of Embroidery House and the self-distancing rules in the era of the Coronavirus get in our way, the DJ Sampler Design Team have gone digital and hope you would like to join our online adventure.

This little Spot Sampler was created as a doodle cloth to practice the stitches and techniques used on the EGV Diamond Jubilee Sampler. It is also a good way to try out fabric, threads and colour choices.

You may like the stitch the Spot Sampler with us or perhaps use the knowledge from one section to work on a Small project or perhaps to help you finish a band on your Sampler.

Each week a new part of the Spot Sampler will be worked on by the DJS Design Team and we will post what we have done for you to see.

You may also like to join our Facebook Group at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DJSamplerSAL/
You will be asked to provide your Membership No. and agree to the Group Rules before being accepted.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions or ask what you would like to know and/or email your photos as we go along to [email protected]

We look forward to keeping in touch with you and making the most of our stitching time together!😀 And just like at our Guidance Groups, no question is a dumb question and not worth asking and there is always time for a cuppa.☕️

To join in the SAL follow along over the next 12 weeks or ‘show and tell’ on the progress of any of your Diamond Jubilee projects.🤩

We love a finish as well,  so let’s have a virtual Exhibition!👏

Stitch-A-Long Order of Work

– Getting started
– Requirements
– Tacking the layout
– Choosing your threads

We will cover Band One: Blackwork Correa and Band Two: Bargello Waves.

Covers Band 6 Costal Ti-Tree and the Blackwork Borders as well as Band 3 Flora. These are primarily in Cross Stitch.

Covers Band 4 Drawn Thread Work: Divided Border with Chevron Stitch and more of the Cross Stitch elements including the Header and the dates.

Covers Band 10 Assisi: Flowering Gum and Band 8 Surface Stitchery: Waratah.

Covers Band 7 Bargello: Joyful Diamonds and Band 5 Blackwork: Sea Star.

Covers Band 11a Drawn Thread Work with Figure 8 embellishment.

Covers Band 9 Surface Stitchery – the Rosella’s and the Pink Heath.

Cover Band 12a Pulled Thread Work and Band 12b Drawn Thread Work for Flowering Gum.

Covers Band 13 Reticella: Black Anther Flax Lily

Covers Band 11b Drawn Thread Work: Dragonfly.

We will cover the final touches for finishing your Spot Sampler and share our final masterpiece.

Thank you for joining us!
The Diamond Jubilee Sampler Design Team


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stitch, make friends

Beginners welcome.

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