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Diamond Jubilee Sampler

Diamond Jubilee Sampler

As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations, all EGV members are invited to commemorate this milestone by creating a memento of their own or with a group of fellow stitchers. You may choose to work the spectacular Diamond Jubilee Sampler designed just for this occasion, or perhaps create one of the smaller complementary projects that will be on offer.

The Diamond Jubilee Sampler is a counted thread band sampler with many original designs inspired by Australian flora, including Victoria’s state floral emblem – the Pink Heath. An exciting range of embroidery techniques has been used including Assisi work, bargello, blackwork, cross stitch, drawn thread work, pulled thread work, reticella and surface stitchery.

The sampler pattern is now available – to members only, through this portal. Use the links to access the following documents: The Diamond Jubilee Sampler Instructions, Diamond Jubilee Sampler Charts and the Diamond Jubilee Sampler Stitch Plan and Guide.

We’re also running four workshops to help you with this sampler and its variations: Sunday November 10, 2019; Saturday February 29 2020; Sunday May 24 2020; Sunday August 30 2020. Find out more.


Diamond Jubilee Sampler Instructions

  • 20 pages of quality instruction, with explanatory stitch directions or photographs in colour.
  • Print in portrait orientation, on A4 paper.
  • High quality bright white, 100gsm paper is recommended.
  • Download the sampler instructions.  (Large download: 6.3 MB)

Diamond Jubilee Sampler Charts

  • 6 pages of quality colour charts.
  • Print in landscape orientation, on A4 paper.
  • Bright white, 100gsm paper is recommended for printing.
  • NOTE: For the most economical fit, Band 10 has been placed on page 2, out of number order. For Band 12A your print settings may change the design dimensions, a check measure is recommended before use.
  • Download the sampler charts.  (Large download: 4.4 MB)Diamond Jubilee Sampler Stitch Plan and Guide
  • 4 pages which give you the overall layout of the sampler including 2 options for Bands 11 and 12 plus the opportunity to record your answers to some key questions to get you started.
  • Print in portrait orientation, on A4 paper in black and white or colour. For greatest flexibility, print single-sided.
  • Good quality, bright white paper is recommended.
  • Use this guide to plan your own individual sampler.
  • Each band is included, numbered and named with the vertical thread count noted, including that of the spaces between the bands.
  • Select the bands you would like to include on your sampler.
  • If you wish, cut up the Stitch Plan and Guide and play with a different arrangement of bands.
  • Add up the thread count for your selected bands. If this is different to the sampler as originally planned you will need to calculate your own fabric requirements. Bear in mind that the recommended fabric length on Page 3 of the instructions allows for only one version of Band 11 and one of Band 12. Don’t forget to allow sufficient fabric on all sides for finishing.
  • An opportunity for you to consider your thread choices is also provided.
  • Set up your tacking plan and get started!
  • Download the stitch plan and guide. (Large download: 3.9 MB)

A printed copy of these notes is also available for a very reasonable price of $10 (for pickup at Embroidery House) or you may request a mailout which will cost $12.50 (to also cover postage and packaging). The order form for Diamond Jubilee mementos can be used to order a printout.

Workshops. Four workshops (two on Saturdays and two on Sundays) have been programmed to help you. Go to Classes for more details. Dates are: Sunday November 10, 2019; Saturday February 29, 2020; Sunday May 24, 2020 (cancelled); Sunday August 30, 2020 (under review).
There is a small fee of $10 for each workshop. No need to book in, just front up on the day for as long as you need. There will be a different emphasis at each workshop so that by the last any difficulties that you may encounter should be overcome. Members of the Sampler Design Team will be on hand to support you, making this lovely sampler achievable by all.

Our wonderful design team: Victoria Laine, Susan Davis, Carol Bateson, Joy Biancacci, Chris Burton, Lorna Law, Sheryl Turton and Penny Wolswinkel. Contributions were also made by Rosemary Tonkin and Marg Freeman.

Diamond Jubilee Sampler Treasures
For those who’d like to play with the sampler instructions in a different way, there will be a Sampler Treasures Pack available from the first scheduled Sampler workshop on November 10, 2019. This Treasures Pack will include valuable construction information for a variety of small items and photographs of examples created by the Sampler Design Team to give you ideas for your own embroidery.

As a fundraiser, the Sampler Treasures Pack will only be available in hard copy for $20, or by mail for $22.50. Download the order form.

Diamond Jubilee Sampler and Treasures Display

All Diamond Jubilee samplers and small projects will be displayed and celebrated at a display at Embroidery House, the timing to be confirmed.

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