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Diamonds in the sky!

Every guild member statewide is invited to make one or more embroidered fabric ‘diamonds in the sky’ for EGV’s diamond jubilee in 2020. The more the better! They’ll be strung together and hung all year from the rafters at Embroidery House.

We’re looking for gleam and sparkle, not fine stitching – they will be too high for anyone to look closely. Here’s what to do:

  • Please choose a shiny fabric to work on.
  • The fabric should be a jewel colour (such as sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green, turquoise, amber, gold, diamond white). Of course you can select a different colour for each side.
  • Each diamond must be 15cm high and 10cm wide (or 6″ high and 4″ wide) when finished.
  • They must be double-sided.
  • Embroider, stitch, collage and bead anything you fancy on the diamonds. If you run out of inspiration, you can always use the number 60 .
  • Stiffen them with cardboard or vilene in the centre (no felt please).
  • Finish the edges with satin stitch, buttonhole or zigzag (using a sewing machine is easiest).
  • Please return the finished diamonds to the office at Embroidery House by November 30, 2019.


Need more assistance?
– Download the instructions.
– Collect useful stuff – it’s free!- from the office at Embroidery House. Vilene diamonds, fabric, beads and sequins.







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