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Will the Colour Run?

COLOUR CATCHER – Rosemary Tonkin
Printed in Threadlines, June 2011, page 7

Have you ever worried that washing a beautiful piece of embroidery, or an enormous quilt that has taken you forever to finish, might cause some colour to run into the water and discolour your work?

If so, you will be delighted to hear of a product called Colour Catcher. It can be purchased in most supermarkets in the laundry aisle. The sheets come in packets of 10.

Add one to the washing water. The loose dye is attracted to the sheet and is not left in the water. It means that your work is not discoloured by any loose dye in the water. I kept rinsing the work until the rinsing water was clear, adding a new sheet to each of three rinses. The website address is www.colourcatcher.com.au

I hope you find this product as useful as I did. Download this page.

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