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Textile and Embroidery Collection

Conserving-crewel-350The Textile and Embroidery Collection is an extensive, museum-quality collection housed in the Collection Room at Embroidery House, Melbourne. It is curated by a dedicated team of EGV members.

The collection of historic and contemporary embroidery and lace covers many centuries, countries, and an astonishing array of techniques. Items are photographed, catalogued, and stored in conservation quality conditions.

There are too many items to display easily – most are packed carefully into storage.

The image here shows a long 18th century crewel embroidery panel in the process of being conserved.

(Members and non-members)


  • Embroidery House hosts exhibitions featuring aspects of the Collection. Our last was ‘Threads of Asia’ in 2016.
  • Individual items are loaned to major textile exhibitions, such as the National Gallery of Victoria and the Immigration Museum.


  • Every month some items from the Collection are displayed in the Gallery at Embroidery House. These pieces often relate to the major monthly Gallery display.
  • The framed pictures in the entrance hall also feature items from the Collection, and change regularly.

Advice on Your Treasures

  • Do you want to know more about one of your embroidered pieces? The Collection Team can give advice on its probable origin, plus how to clean it, repair it,¬† store it, and more.
  • We can’t give you a monetary valuation.
  • This¬† service must be booked. Half-hour sessions are held between 10.30am and 2.00pm on the first Wednesday of every month, except December. A $5.00 fee is payable on the day. Bookings are essential. Please phone o3 9509 2222 between 10.00am and 3.00pm, Monday to Friday, to arrange an appointment.

Specialist Viewings

  • Students involved in textile studies are regularly given an overview of the Collection. (Please phone 03 9509 2222 to arrange an appointment).
  • If you have a particular interest in a technique, you can arrange a specialist viewing. There will be a small charge. (Please phone 03 9509 2222 to arrange an appointment).

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