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Library FAQs

How many items and for how long?
Members can borrow 4 items, and the usual borrowing period is 4 weeks.

Can I renew items?
If there’s no-one waiting, then yes. Bring in the item and we’ll renew it – or phone in with your item to close to hand. Or email us.

Can I reserve items?
Yes indeed, but not on-line at the moment. So either ring the library during office hours, or come in and fill out the reservation form.

Is there a charge for reservations?
No charge. (There used to be a fee for each reservation, but no longer).

Suggestions for new items.
These are always welcome. Please write them into our Library Notebook. The more details, the better. (Plus your name please). Or email or phone us.

Managing donations.
We are fortunate to receive many donations, and they are always welcome.

How do we manage donations?
Firstly, we check to see if we already have a copy. If the library’s copy is in poor condition and the donated item is in good condition, then we make a swap. (Books in good condition are much more appealing!)

If we do not have a copy, then it is likely that the donation becomes part of our wonderful collection.

If we already have a copy in good condition, then we’ll offer the donated item for sale to library visitors, at an amazingly cheap price.

How do members benefit?
Items accepted improve our library, and all members can access them. Items for sale go to a home where they are appreciated and all payments go to Guild funds.

Paddy’s Market.
We always have a stall at Paddy’s Market, and many happy members go home with wonderful bargains.

Can non-members use the library?
Non-members are welcome to come to the library and use the resources on site. However, only members may borrow.


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