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Intermediate Courses by Correspondence

The same but different!

How do Intermediate Courses by Correspondence work:

  • Lessons will be emailed. For those without access to a computer they can be sent by snail mail or to a ‘safe buddy’ for printing.
  • Lessons will sent to arrive just before the scheduled class dates.
  • The tutor will be available by email or phone for any queries.
  • For Blackwork, a kit of fabrics for the samplers, some difficult to obtain threads and a few other items will be mailed out prior to the date of the first scheduled class. For Drawn Thread, this is to be confirmed.
  • There will be a slight adjustment to the kit cost to allow for postal expenses and provision of further materials.

Intermediate Course Class Fee: (members only): $275.00

Enrolments are now closed for 2020.

Date content last modified:  11/05/2020

Tutor: Susan Davis

Blackwork is a monochromatic embroidery technique which enjoyed wide popularity in Tudor and Elizabethan times, where it was used to great effect to embellish clothing and household textiles with intricate borders, motifs, or fillings within larger designs.

The embroidery was most commonly worked in black silk thread on white linen but blue, green and red silks were also used.

After a revival in the early 20th century we still enjoy  traditional styles and applications of blackwork but also work in more contemporary ways. We use a wider variety of threads and colour, including variegated threads, and work in new styles using the density of pattern and thickness of thread to help create realistic and artistic dimensional images.

In this Intermediate course you will be able to explore both traditional and contemporary applications of the technique.

Dates: Sundays April 5, May 10, June 6,  July 5, August 2, September 6.
Assessment at Embroidery House: Saturday October 31 (subject to confirmation).

Enrolments are closed for 2020.

Tutor: Susan Davis

Drawn Thread embroidery is a technique normally worked on linen, with horizontal or vertical threads removed from the ground fabric and decorative stitches worked over the remaining threads, often creating a lacy effect.

As part of the course students will explore the extensive image collection of the Tutor offering a unique insight into this exquisite Whitework technique which is believed to be one of earliest forms of openwork embroidery.

With a deep history in embellishing personal and household linen as well as ecclesiastical vestments, ‘Punto Tirato’ (drawn work) is part of the Italian lace-making tradition stretching back to the 16th century. With examples also found across the globe there is much to learn and admire.

Course Dates: May 16, June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19 and October 24.

Assessment is scheduled for Sunday December 6, it is hoped that this will take place at Embroidery House.

Enrolments are closed for 2020.

Tutor: Jene Martin.

This class will not proceed in 2020. Look for a reschedule in 2021.


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