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Two Correspondence Courses in 2020: Blackwork and Drawn Thread

AIMS: The aim of an intermediate subject is to move you beyond the beginner stage. It is designed to widen your knowledge of the subject and develop your skills in the technique to a standard that allows you to progress on your own. At the end of the course you should be able to choose suitable designs, materials, stitches, finishing techniques etc. leading to an enjoyment of the style of embroidery covered.Each subject runs for six sessions, from 10.30am to 2.30 (including a 30 minute lunch break).

PRE-REQUISITES: Before starting an intermediate subject, students should have completed a beginners class in the technique, as well as a class in basic stitches. These classes are timetabled before the intermediate courses offered. If you have not completed these, you will need to demonstrate to the tutor’s satisfaction your level of expertise.

COURSE STRUCTURE: An intermediate course consists of six lessons, of 4 hours duration (including a half hour lunch break), in a particular technique. The lessons are spaced over an extended period, depending on timetable limitations, to allow students maximum amount of time for homework tasks. It is compulsory to attend the first session, and it is advisable to undertake only one course at a time, to allow for enough time to participate fully in learning the skills and knowledge of the technique. Further information is available from the office on an information sheet entitled ‘Information for Intermediate Students’.

There will be homework after each session, and at the end you’ll hand in a small folder of notes and your finished works for assessment.

To enrol, students must demonstrate a knowledge of basic stitches, as well as some experience in the basics of the chosen technique.

If you successfully complete three Intermediate subject within five years, and take part in the Intermediate Final Display, you will receive your Intermediate Certificate.

Or you can simply take individual subjects from time to time. Many members find these courses so valuable that they complete more than three courses, learning a wide variety of techniques.

COST: $275.00







LH Intermediate Surface Stitchery

Tutor: Lindsay Hussey
A great opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge in the subject.

Skill level: A good grasp of basic stitches
Saturdays August 31, September 7, 21, 28, October 19 and 26. Assessment day: Saturday November 23.
Times: 10.30am – 2.30pm
Cost: $275.00

This six-session course is designed to further your knowledge of surface stitches and is a great foundation for other intermediate courses. By the time you finish you’ll have an excellent understanding of ways to use and apply stitches, and you’ll be far more confident with future projects. Challenge yourself!

Use the class application form or call the EGV office (03) 9509 2222 and enrol over the phone.




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