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August Classes

Kathryn Harmer Fox (South Africa) is travelling to Australia to teach a series of classes – two of which are going to be held at Embroidery House. Insert ‘Kathryn Harmer Fox’ into your search engine to view some of her amazing work and class samples! – Also…..read some of the reviews that some of her students have written about their experiences in her workshops!

KHF-39  Sew a Postcard

Skill level: All levels welcome
Kit cost: $30 00 (payable to tutor)
Member: $104.00
Non-member: $123.50


This is a project driven, one-day workshop, in which you will create your own fabric and thread post card. You can choose to trace your image from a selection of drawings that I have done of Australian fauna and flora (available in a kit), or you can draw your own. After translating this drawing onto your pre-printed “Post Card”, you will learn how to flesh it out using a choice of netting, snippets of fabric and variously coloured sewing threads.

Once your image is stitched onto your canvas and dressed in all its bits and pieces of fabric, you will stitch your lines and message, sign your name and then add the various “stamps” or any other preferred postal instructions.

Perhaps your piece needs to come with instructions to “Handle with Care” or must be held “This Way Up”.

You may also choose to paint a background around your chosen subject before stitching the fully completed post card face to its own particular backing material.

(A set of Inktense colour blocks will be made available for students to use for this purpose).

Date: Sunday 4 August, 2019
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Tutor: Kathryn Harmer Fox

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KHF-40  Using Your Sewing Machine as a Creative Tool

Skill level: All levels welcome
Materials fee: TBA
Member: $156.50
Non-member: $196.00

In this two-day workshop with Kathryn you will get to explore all the possibilities of your sewing machine. Use your computer search engine to find all the wonderful work that Kathryn creates using her sewing machine – combining fabrics, threads and colour. This workshop will give you the knowledge and inspiration to get the best results out of your sewing machine.


Dates: Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 August, 2019
Times: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Tutor: Kathryn Harmer Fox

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LL-47  Pulled Thread Magnifier Cover

Skill level: Some experience in pulled thread
Members: $89.00
Non-members: $122.00

Have you everscorched the fabric of your favourite chair with the sun coming through the window then through your magnifier? Embroider a cover for your magnifier decorated with some pulled thread decoration on either one or both sides. This two-day class will cover the embroidering and make up of this little bag to slip over the glass. Make-up instructions and cord making are included.
Some work will need to be done at home during the week in between the classes.
Sizing can be altered to fit your own magnifier.
There will be a choice of designs for your cover, or you could design your own.

Dates: Thursdays August 15 and 22, 2019
Times: 10.00am – 3.00pm
Tutor: Lorna Law

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ML-46  Japanese Beading

Skill level: All levels welcome
Kit cost: (payable to tutor) Price depends on project chosen
Member: $197.00
Non-member: $261.00

This class is a multi-level class – all students from beginners to experienced are invited to participate in this class. Japanese bead embroidery is a companion art to traditional Japanese embroidery. It is built on the techniques and meticulous attention to detail that is embedded in the art. In this class you will learn the underpinning skills associated with excellence in bead embroidery. Specialised 3-cut beads are used to add sparkle to your chosen project.

Beginners and on-going students who need to start a new project need to email Margaret  to discuss their specific requirements [email protected]

The image is an indication of the technique being taught.


Dates: Thursday August 29, 11.00am: Margaret will assist students with the finishing and making up process for bags, purses etc. 2.30pm: Framing up for all students
Friday 30 and Saturday 31 August, Sunday 1 September, 2019
Times: 9.00am for 9.30am start – 4.00pm
Tutor: Margaret Lee

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