Launch of RSN Stitch Bank

6th September 2021
By The Education Committee

One of our EGV Members has kindly alerted us to the news that the RSN Stitch Bank is to be launched on 24 September 2021 with the first 150 stitches to kick off the RSN 150th anniversary celebrations.

Some information from the RSN - RSN Stitch Bank

RSN Stitch Bank features videos, written instructions, illustrations and photographs for each stitch.  It also includes history of its use and images of the stitch on items from the RSN Textile Collection.  Stitches range from the well-known, Back Stitch and French Knots, to the more technical, Queen Stitch and Turkey Rug. Rarely used stitches are also featured, such as Underside Couching and Battlement Couching Trellis.

RSN Stitch Bank will be accessed online via the website Whether you want to find a new stitch to use in a project and learn how to work it or learn about the use, structure and history of each stitch, RSN Stitch Bank is a comprehensive resource for all stitchers, teachers, curators, historians, researchers and students.

Please visit the RSN website for further information - RSN Stitch Bank image uploaded from

Website: RSN Stitch Bank

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