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Click the video link below to learn how to log in as a member of The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria

 How do I log in to the Members Section of the Embroiderers Guild Victoria website?

Account Name: The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria
BSB: 013 350
Account #: 009782635
If you are a member, please reference your payment with your Membership number.
Non-members can attend most classes advertised on our website, though you will pay a little more. However only members can undertake the lengthier certificate courses, such as Intermediate and Masterclass classes.
Yes, yes, yes!
  • As well as examining this website carefully, non-members can attend up to three regular EGV events before they must join to attend more. (Obviously this does not include events where all attendees pay to enter, such as exhibitions).
  • The usual way is to attend some of our regular guidance group meetings, where members stitch, connect, help each other and laugh a lot.
  • If you live in the Melbourne metropolitan area, read about our Embroidery House guidance groups and come along. As well you can always drop in at Embroidery House during our opening hours (it’s best to ring first) and ask to be shown around this amazing space.
  • If you live in regional Victoria, contact your nearest branch to learn about the general meeting and guidance group meetings that you can attend before you decide.
  • Non-members can enrol for most of the classes advertised here (though you will be charged more).
  • As well, check us out on our Facebook page.
  • And our Instagram account.

The EGV Library at Embroidery House. Every branch has a library, but the jewel in our crown is the library based at Embroidery House. It’s possibly the best specialist collection of embroidery and related textile arts material in Australia (even though it’s run on a shoestring and mainly supported by donations and book sales).

Anyone can search our catalogue online. Both members and non-members can search our online catalogue. You don’t need to log in as a member. Just go to the Library link on the EGV home page (it’s part of About EGV).

Who can borrow? How many items? All EGV members can borrow up to 6 items at a time. Non-members are welcome to search our on-line catalogue, or to visit Embroidery House to browse on site.

Renewals: Members can renew any loan twice more (providing the item has not been reserved). Renewal is best managed by a phone call (9859 2222) each time, making a possible 3 months per loan per item. Have your items close by when you ring.

How can country members borrow books? We have adopted the standard inter-library loan procedures here: Country members can borrow by either phoning (9859 2222) during office hours or emailing library@embroiderersguildvic.org. The current policy is that the library at Embroidery House sends the borrowed items to the country member (either by mail or by asking a visiting branch member to take the books and to contact the member). The member who has borrowed the books takes responsibility for returning them (either by mail or by asking a visiting branch member to return them). Because mail is an expensive option, alternative methods are always encouraged.

Contacting the Library Team with any question: The safest way (unless it's a renewal) is to email us: library@embroiderersguidvic.org. We check this regularly (at least twice a week) and will always respond. However, if it's simply a renewal, please ring 9509 2222 and have your items are nearby.

Library Team, June 2021.

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Classes & Workshops

Yes indeed - the Education Committee welcomes suggestions from prospective tutors and students for classes or workshops they would like to present or attend.

Click this link - Member requests for classes/techniques - or email education@embroiderersguildvic.org


Members and non-members are free to donate at any time. We welcome all embroidery-related items: embroidery, books, fabric, threads, lace, canvas, frames, kits, magnifiers, general sewing notions and more. Unfortunately we cannot accept electrical items such as sewing machines, sewing lighting etc.

How do we manage them? Firstly, we see what can be used by the Guild: donated books are checked out by our Library, very old items are flagged for our Collection to examine, certain fabrics are put aside for classes, and other items might go to help our Gift Boutique.

The rest we sell, either online or at our Destash Market days.

Our buyers are happy and the money raised is an essential part of our annual fund-raising. Everyone benefits!

How to donate: If you live in Melbourne, you can usually drop off donations large and small at Embroidery House  during opening hours (see Contact Us). However please ring 03 9509 2222 first to ensure that your planned drop-off day doesn’t clash with an event. Branches also welcome donations: get in touch with your nearest branch to see what they’d like.


We hold Deductible Gift Recipient status confirmed under our ABN 55 7874 352 006 and by a registered taxation professional direct from the ATO website. (A copy of this form may be forwarded to anyone wishing to see it).

This means that any gift made to us over $2.00 entitles the donor to a tax deduction for that amount.

Donations will assist The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria to maintain, develop and deliver its program of classes and activities into the future.

BSB: 013350

Account #: 009782635

With grateful thanks.

Supplies & Services

Click below for a list of Retailers for Embroidery supplies and associated services. Please note The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria does not necessarily endorse these businesses; the list for information only.

Retail List 2020

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