Student Responsibilities


The following instructions have been developed to ensure happy, well-run and successful classes.

Please note that these are general instructions and further instructions in line with the EGV COVID-19 Safe Plan need to be taken into consideration. Where they differ please refer to the COVID-19 Plan, which takes precedence (e.g. arrival times & the use of the kitchen).


  1. Please wear your EGV name badge when attending class - for non-members please ask the Office for a temporary name holder or improvise with a paper label.
  2. Check the date and time of the class and arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time. Attend all sessions.
  3. Stay for the duration of the class. It can be disrupting for the Tutor and other class members if you arrive late or leave early.
  4. Please ensure your current personal Emergency contact details are up to date on the EGV Website. For class purposes you will have been asked to provide them as part of the Registration process, these are the details that will be referred to in the event of an emergency in class.
  5. Check the Requirements List found on the EGV Website -  Individual Class Event Pages. Bring all items on the list. Remember to bring spectacles or magnifier if required. If in doubt over any requirements contact the Education Committee for clarification by clicking this link - Contact Us
  6. Ensure that your mobile phone is switched off or to silent during class time.
  7. Treat your Tutor and fellow students with consideration:
    • Don't have private conversations while instructions are being given.
    • Don't monopolise the Tutor's time - recognise that others share the class with you.
    • Take notes as necessary - including homework instructions.
    • Ask questions if there is something you do not understand.
    • Undertake the project as set.
  8. At the close of the session, check the tables and floor for discarded threads etc. Ensure that your dishes have been dealt with at the sink or the dishwasher. Return seats and equipment to their original places. Your assistance is valued in leaving the room as you would wish to find it, as our cleaner is employed in a limited capacity and may not come every night.
  9. At the completion of your class you will be emailed the link & asked to complete the online Class Evaluation Form. Alternatively you may click this link & complete anytime -  Class Evaluation Form These forms are valuable to the Education Committee for planning future classes and each one is considered. 
  10. The Tutor will normally check the windows are locked (upstairs), curtains/blinds are drawn (downstairs) and that air-conditioning/heating and lights are switched off.