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Mauchline ware needle book - front and back of sycamore wood. Front decorated with transfer scenes "Bourke Street Melbourne". Purple  velvet hinge. Lined with purple silk with pocket for needle packet inside both covers.  Replacement leaf of cream pinked wool containing 2 needles and 1 packet (4) calyx eyed needles.





Mauchline ware. Pocket pin cushion with fuchsia velvet cushion sandwiched between circular wooden discs. The top disc is decorated with scene of Sandridge pier Melbourne (transfer). Contains 2 black pins.









Emery cushion with cylindrical wooden case painted black. The case is covered with McBeth tartan paper. Maroon velvet cushion ends filled with emery powder.





Square stool shaped pincushion with wooden base. Painted black and covered with McFarlane tartan paper. Gold wavy line on upper edge of base. Top covered in green velvet with sawdust stuffing.








Rectangular wooden 2 part needlecase. Painted black and covered in Stuart tartan paper.








Cylindrical wooden 2 part needlecase painted black. Covered in Prince Charlie tartan paper. Lightly pointed at the ends.



Tartan-paper covered star shaped  thread winder.







Portable sewing kit with wooden thread winder and silver thimble.


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T001-02 _ 03T001-02 &  T001-03  

Scissors and Scissors’ guard






T004-05 apartT004-05  

Scissors & Velvet lined scissors’ sheath

Late 19th century



T073T073      Scissors

Stork shaped scissors. A slim pointed beak forms blades which pivot on a rivet which forms its eye. The legs form the shanks which attach to the oval thumb and finger holder. Body is textured like feathers. Beak is unplated steel.



T075T075      Scissors

Chinese embroidery scissors with cane bound handles. Made of iron with welded steel cutting edges to blades. Pivot action expandable handles.




T076T076      Scissors

Large Chinese steel plated scissors. Blades engraved with bird and duck. Large protruding rivet. Expandable handles.



T078  T078      Scissors

Steel buttonhole scissors with "Horn's Patent" on one side and "Patent No. 47766" on the other. Brass screw for adjusting size of buttonhole. Sharp points 2.5cm long and then a non-cutting gap along the blades, with the screw to determine whether the whole 2.5cm or only a little of it may be shut down and cut.

Late 19th century

T078 closed



T079 closedT079      Scissors

Steel plated folding scissors. Filed down the side of each blade. Rivets in shanks to make it possible for them to fold around the blades.


T079 opened






T080T080      Scissors

 French scissors. Carved mother of pearl handles in the shape of swans. Gold mounts (1 replaced) for the shanks. Finely pointed steel blades engraved "Palais Royale".

 Late 18th - early 19th century


T081T081      Scissors

Toledo steel gilded scissors. Triangular shaped thumb and finger holes.

Design in relief on blades.


T082T082      Scissors

 Very tiny pair of scissors. Probably a charm. 2 rings attached to 1

 handle. On 1 ring "800" marked.





T083T083      Scissors

Steel embroidery scissors. 1 pointed and 1 rounded blade.



T084T084      Scissors

Nail and embroidery scissors of steel with a file down the side of each blade. "Pie crust" decoration on the shanks.

Early 20th century.






T085T085 Scissors

Pair of scissors with embossed silver gilt handles, with matching chatelaine sheath. Design of flowers, leaves and scrolls. Sheath, lined in maroon velvet, has link chain attached on each side with a decorative hook. Scissor blades are steel, with steel rivet.



T086 opened outT086      Scissors

Silver folding scissors. Embossed foliate design on sterling silver handles. Chrome plated steel blades. Steel ring attached at side 0.8cm from catch.



T086 closed




T087 openT087-02   Scissors as part of Etui

Fine embroidery scissors with silver gilt handles that are engraved with matching design to other tools. Fine polished steel blades.




T087 contents   T087-02


T088T088      Scissors and embroidered case

Small Chinese steel-chrome plated scissors with a large protruding rivet and expandable handles.

Silk hand embroidered sheath. Hand stitched blue dogtooth edging. Fish design on one side. Man on reverse.

Early 20th century.


T088 back







T140T140      Scissors

 Modern chrome plated steel lace scissors. Rivetted. Edna Wark label looped through handle. Rounded protrusion on tip of lower blade.

Last quarter 20th century


T249T249      Scissors

  Steel buttonhole scissors with brass adjustment screw.

Late 19th Century





T328 side 2T328      Scissors

 Chinese clipping metal scissors with embroidered red silk scissors’ case.

Mid 20th Century



T328 together







T329T329      Scissors

 Chinese metal clipping scissors with decorative engraving.

Mid 20th Century


T357T357      Scissors

 Steel buttonhole scissors with brass screw.

Approx 1800     


T381T381      Buttonhole Scissors

Polished steel buttonhole scissors with brass adjusting screw.

Early 20th  Century

Tatting Shuttle

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T002-10T002-10   Tatting Shuttle

Bone carved shuttle included in a Chinese workbox. Pointed ellipse, carved flower design on both surfaces. Insufficient allowance to load with thread, indicating that this was probably only for display purposes.

Mid 19th Century     






T133T133      Tatting Shuttle

Yellow early plastic tatting shuttle wound with cream thread. 2 brass rivets connecting the  2 pieces through a central block. Points meet at each end. 1900-1935       




T134T134      Tatting Shuttle

Knotting shuttle. Mother of Pearl with an incised floral design on top and dot design border. Brass rivets and bone central block with centre hole. Points are separated by 4cm at each end.







T135T135      Tatting Shuttle

Mother of Pearl shuttle with brass rivets and bone central block with hole for thread.



T136T136      Tatting Shuttle

 Imitation tortoiseshell shuttle. Centre block glued with hole for thread.





T137T137      Tatting Shuttle

Imitation tortoiseshell shuttle. Centre block glued with hole for thread.




T138T138      Tatting Shuttle Tortoiseshell shuttle with brass rivets and bone central block with hole for thread.



T139T139      Tatting Shuttle

Bone shuttle with metal rivets. Centre block wound with linen thread.



T145 openedT145      Tatting Compendium

Tan leather tatting compendium lined with violet embossed paper. Barrel shaped with metal clasp. Double leather handle attached to ends by metal rings. 2 hinged flaps form the cover. Outside leather tooled with line decoration. Coated finish. Lower flap holds bone tatting shuttle held in place with tanned leather strip. Machine stitched upper flap similarly contains tatting hook. Attached by metal chain and ring to a bone ring which fits into pocket at end of central section which also contains bone tatting shuttle.

T145 contents

Late 19th Century




T162T162      Tatting Shuttle

Bone tatting shuttle with 2 metal rivets.

Late 19th  Century



T163T163      Tatting Shuttle

Bone tatting shuttle carved in one piece.

Late 19th Century



T164T164      Tatting Shuttle

Poorly made bone tatting shuttle . Made in 3 pieces. Joining block off centre. 2 brass rivets.

Late 19th Century



T165T165      Tatting Shuttle

Tortoiseshell shuttle with 2 brass rivets.




T248T248      Tatting Shuttle

Black plastic tatting shuttle with steel rivets(2). White thread.




T373T373      Tatting Shuttle

Bone shuttle with brass rivets.




T452T452      Tatting Shuttle

Intricately carved tatting shuttle with pattern of central flowers with leaves on both sides.

This item was a Memorial donation from the Beyond Intermediate Guidance Group, in fond memory of Sylvia Taylor (member 1989-2018).

Late 18th- Early 19th Century


T458T458      Tatting shuttle

 White plastic tatting shuttle with white thread.




T464T464      Tatting Shuttle

  Black wooden tatting shuttle with white thread. Two brass rivets.