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Where did the Sampler design come from?

In March 2019 Victoria Laine and Susan Davis were approached by the Diamond Jubilee Committee to design a commemorative sampler for the Guild’s 60th Anniversary. To assist, a small team of Guild members was organised including Sheryl Turton, Carol Bateson, Chris Burton and Joy Biancacci.

The first Design Team meetinhg was held on April 3 2019. After discussion a Victoria/Australian theme of original work created by team members was decided upon. Designs were produced, samples stitched and by May 2019 the team had a final arrangement for the sampler. Four of the group then began stitching, using different counts of linen, and own choices of thread type and colour scheme to inspire Guild members.

The next stage of the process was to produce carts, stitching diagrams and instructions. These were made available to download or purchase on November 1 2019. The Treasures Pack was also created as a fundraiser for the Guild and to provide Small projects for those who did not want to stitch the sampler.

Since launching, DJ Sampler ‘Getting Started’ workshops have been held at Embroidery House and various regional locations. We already have some members with completed Small projects and a number of Samplers are also finished which is very exciting.

Our aim, beyond each member creating their own Diamond Jubliee memento, is to have a grand display at the end of 2020.


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