The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria


The EGV is a not-for-profit organisation focussed on teaching, sharing, encouraging and promoting the art of traditional and modern embroidery, we have a strong Melbourne-based membership plus 12 regional Branches and groups. 

emb house_Feathered_1-1024x768All members have access to:

  • A monthly selection of long and short-term classes

  • A regular newsletter

  • An amazing library

  • A museum-level curated Needlework, Lace & Tools Collection

  • Exhibitions, Demonstrations & Displays

  • Talks, seminars and other events

  • Scholarships

  • In person and online stitching groups

  • Most important of all - support and friendship



Embroidery House, Malvern - Head Office and home to our main Gallery, Library & Collection




Our Collections

We have three wonderful collections of historical and contemporary embroideries and accessories at Embroidery House. Each collection is stored in archival conditions at Embroidery House. Every month some pieces are displayed in the entrance hall or in the Gallery cabinets.

The Textile Collection

The Textile and Embroidery Collection is an extensive, museum-quality collection housed in the Collection Room at Embroidery House, Melbourne. It is curated by a dedicated team of EGV members.
The collection of historic and contemporary embroidery and lace covers many centuries, countries, and an astonishing array of techniques. Items are photographed, catalogued, and stored in conservation quality conditions.
There are too many items to display easily – most are packed carefully into storage.

WHAT CAN THE COLLECTION OFFER YOU? (Members and non-members)
Exhibitions: Embroidery House hosts exhibitions featuring aspects of the Collection. Our last was ‘Threads of Asia’ in 2016. Individual items are loaned to major textile exhibitions, such as the National Gallery of Victoria and the Immigration Museum.
Displays; Every month some items from the Collection are displayed in the Gallery at Embroidery House. These pieces often relate to the major monthly Gallery display. The framed pictures in the entrance hall also feature items from the Collection, and change regularly.
Advice on Your Treasures. Do you want to know more about one of your embroidered pieces? The Collection Team can give advice on its probable origin, plus how to clean it, repair it,  store it, and more.
We can’t give you a monetary valuation.
This  service must be booked. Half-hour sessions are held between 10.30am and 2.00pm on the first Wednesday of every month, except December. A $5.00 fee is payable on the day. Bookings are essential. Please phone 03 9509 2222 between 10.00am and 3.00pm, Monday to Friday, to arrange an appointment.
Specialist Viewings. Students involved in textile studies are regularly given an overview of the Collection. (Please phone 03 9509 2222 to arrange an appointment).
If you have a particular interest in a technique, you can arrange a specialist viewing

The Lace Collection

The collection of lace started in the early days of the The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria with a gift from a prominent member of the Embroiderers Guild in England and has been added to from then on. Today, it is one of the finest collections in Australia. A dedicated group meets regularly to curate and document the collection and is actively seeking more members to be part of this team.

The Embroidery Tools Collection

We have a wonderful collection of embroidery tools, gifted to us by many members. A dedicated group meets regularly to curate and document this collection and is actively seeking more members to be part of this team.

Advice & Assistance


Assessing your embroidered treasures

Do you want to know more about one of your embroidered pieces? The Collection Team can give advice on its probable origin, plus how to clean it, repair it, store it and more.

No monetary valuation can be given!

This  service must be booked. Half-hour sessions between 10.30am -2.30pm are held on the first Wednesday of every month, except December. A $5.00 fee is payable on the day. Bookings are essential. Please phone 03 9509 2222 during office hours (10.00am – 3.00pm Monday – Friday) to make a booking.

Repairs and Commissions

We are happy to receive requests from the public for work on items both old and new.

Some examples:

* Conservation and repair of textiles.
* Adding names to christening gowns.
* Cleaning and restoring old embroideries.
* Completion of canvaswork and cross stitch items.
* Creating wedding pillows.
* Church and school banners.
* Birthday gifts.
* Special and unique items of all kinds.

How to Make a Request

Contact us with as much detail as possible. We’d like to know:

* Your contact details.
* Name of the owner of the piece.
* History of the piece.
* Details of request.
* Size of piece.
* Completion date required.
* The piece to be worked (or a photo of it is useful).

What Happens Next?

* The EGV Commissions Coordinator contacts a Guild member to see if the request can be managed and then contacts you.
* The Guild recommends an hourly rate, plus a commission to the Guild.
* Costs will be agreed upon before any work is undertaken.
* Matching  old fabrics and threads is sometimes difficult, but all requirements will be approved by you before any work begins.

IT TAKES TIME! Organising and then completing a commission can take a considerable amount of time. Please allow as much time as possible.


We are always happy to accept donations at Embroidery House from the general public of anything embroidery related: fabric, linen, threads, laces and braids, equipment and frames, books, beads and sequins, embroidery tools, dyes and colouring, and more…

We retain some items that can be used for classes or by our collections and our library. The rest is sold on to members with specialised interests and at our annual Paddy’s Market. This market is a huge event, with an incredible turnout. Everything is sold at bargain prices, so that the goods go to appreciative homes, buyers find some exceptional materials and the guild benefits from the funds raised.

We accept donations whenever we are open. However please contact Embroidery House before you plan your donation drop off (see Contact Us for details).

To find the date of the next Paddy’s Market, go to the 'What's On' section of this site.
If you are in regional Victoria, please contact the nearest branch to discuss donations.

Monthly Displays of Members Work 2021 at Embroidery House

Drop in any day to see a selection of members' work displayed in the Gallery.  

Current Display to end November
Rosemary Tonkin Retrospective - a much-loved member and tutor. A prolific display of her work and that of her students.
Commemorative Projects
Christmas Tree Decorations

Organisation and Policies


The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria is a non-for-profit association registered with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for Profits Commission). Our ABN (Australian Business Number) is 55 784 352 006. We are a limited liability company, with liability limited to twenty dollars ($20.00) per member. Membership is statewide, with approximately 50% of members based in the metropolitan area of Melbourne, and approximately 50% living in regional Victoria.


1. Board: The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria is overseen by the EGV Board (board members are elected annually). The Board manages all aspects of the EGV, ensuring consistency throughout the state and receives reports from all major areas monthly. However, the Board relies on advice and regular reporting from its major committees and from its branches. The Board meets monthly and receives a comprehensive report from the EGV Treasurer every month. The EGV is audited or reviewed every year and an annual financial report is sent to all members.

2. Major committees: Four major committees (Constitution, Collection, Education and Exhibition) report to the Board at every meeting and have major input into Board deliberations.

3. Branches: These meet and report to their branch members regularly, and frequently also supply a local newsletter or report to members using social media. They hold an AGM and their annual financial reports form part of the whole EGV annual financial report.

4. Reporting: All members receive an extensive monthly newsletter, Threadlines and an annual general meeting is held every April. The state president’s annual report and the guild’s annual financial report are presented there and are also published in Threadlines. The accounts are reviewed annually by an external accountant. Comprehensive reports of our financial and general status are submitted to the ACNC after every AGM.

5. Constitution: The EGV constitution gives a comprehensive outline of the aims of the guild and its management. It is a public document and can be downloaded here. It can only be altered by members at a special general meeting.

6. By-laws, guidelines, etc: These provide practical ways of managing various aspects of the EGV, within the confines of the EGV constitution. They are not public documents, but all members may view them. The Constitution Committee is currently reviewing all by-laws and guidelines to ensure they reflect current policy and practice.

Supporting the work of The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria

We hold Deductible Gift Recipient staus confirmed under our ABN 55 7874 352 006 and by a registered taxation professional direct from the ATO website. (A copy of this form may be forwarded to anyone wishing to see it).

This means that any gift made to us over $2.00 entitles the donor to a tax deduction for that amount.

Donations will assist The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria to maintain, develop and deliver its program of classes and activities into the future.

BSB: 013350

Account #: 009782635

With grateful thanks.

The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria respects the right to privacy and is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our members and visitors. Read our Privacy Policy.




Covid Safety Plans are in place at Embroidery House and at Branch Meeting Venues. 

Click to view the current Covid Safety Policy CovidPolicyOct2021

The Covid Safety Plan for Embroidery House may be viewed here