EGV Collection

Embroiderers Guild Victoria Collection

The Collection began soon after the Guild was formed with a donation of an Ayrshire Christening Gown. Today the collection has over 1700 pieces, fully catalogued (on museum sheets and electronically) and photographed. The Collection aims to be representative of all types of embroidery -this means English, European, Ethnic and Australian. However, the Collection is primarily concerned with the conservation rather than the restoration of embroideries.

In general, embroideries are donated with very few being purchased. We encourage people donating embroideries to check with family members before donating the embroideries to the guild.

We are happy to look at embroideries on the first Wednesday of the month from 10.30am to 2 pm, and provide advice on appropriate cleaning, storage and general conservation of pieces. An appointment must be made with the Guild.

We are not able to provide valuations for embroidered pieces.

Items in the Collection are regularly on display in the Guild and taken to country branches. Pieces are also available for major exhibitions in the Guild, and for reference and study by teachers and students. Members of the Collection group are available to give presentations about embroidery to other organizations.

In addition to the main collection, the Guild also has collections of Lace and Historical Tools, which are listed separately on the EGV website.

Examples of Crewelwork

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Crewelwork

Grey/fawn linen panel.  Tree of Life design of leaves, pomegranates and flowers worked in bright colours.  Long and short and filling stitches.  Mounted under glass, in a dark wood frame.    
1972    Australia






Fawn cotton gabardine basket with design of clouds and raindrops and butterflies on curved lid.  Tree and rabbit on front.  Tree and rabbit on back.  Lid finished with twisted cord and dorset button.    
Mid 20th century    
Made in Australia



Panel with a design taken from a mid 18th Century Bed Hanging found in the American collection of the Metropolitan Museum or Art. Typical crewel design in shades of blue on cream linen. Mounted on blue fabric covered board.    
Mid 20th Century    




04 Curtain
Curtain of natural linen twill.  Three bands of crewel (wool) embroidery, each in slightly differing designs of birds and leaves.  Wools in a variety of greens, yellows, browns and blue. 1900-20    Australia   


05   Cushion
Natural linen Cushion piped in cream.  Design is floral, in pinks, blues and greens.    




06  Picture
Picture of hydrangea flower heads and leaves.  Long and short stitch, stem stitch and French knots in soft pinks, blues and green.







08   Bedcover (3 images)
Linen Bedcover, beige with floral crewel embroidery.  Floral spot motifs, with blue leaf pattern border.    
Late 19th century    



07   09


This is a typical Royal School of Needlework Jacobean Crewel Sampler showing different stitches and techniques in shades of pink, gold, yellow, green and blue/green crewel wool on linen twill.        

Examples of Hardanger Embroidery

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Hardanger Embroidery

0128128       Panel

Fine natural linen panel with an intricate design worked in natural thread.  The design is reminiscent of Hardanger and could possibly be a reproduction of an early form.



0566566       Collar

Collar with classical Hardanger design on Hardanger fabric.

Early 20th century.  


0567567       Blouse - Ladies

Cream linen blouse with high collar and full yolk, long sleeves and back opening. Two wide tucks down the front and pin tucking on the front and back. Yolk, high collar and cuffs embroidered in Hardanger embroidery.

Circa 1900





0568568       Blouse (Ladies)

Cream linen blouse with an upstanding collar, long sleeves and back opening, with wide tucks front and back. Collar, front panel and cuffs are decorated in Hardanger embroidery.

Circa 1900






0620620       Table Mat

White cotton table mat with a 6 cm border worked in a simple Hardanger style.







0637637       Mat

Mat on a grey-green evenweave double threaded cotton fabric, with classical Hardanger in matching thread.







0841ABCDEF841       Child's costume with several pieces:

  A.  Skirt: Black cotton with 2 green braid bands

  B.  Apron: White machine embroidery not Norwegian

  C.  Jacket: Red bolero (wool) edged in woven braid

  D.  Belt: Red wool, beaded in stars design

  E.  Vest: Red wool, black velvet edge, beaded with stars

                                                 F.  Hat: Red wool, black velvet edge, and beaded  in the traditional style of the Hardanger area.

                                                 Late 20th century  


0974974       Mat

White cotton Hardanger fabric with a Hardanger design at each end in white perle cotton.  Of interest are the patches of drawn fabric work, combined with the Hardanger.  The edge is hemstitched.




10191019      Needlecase

Square needlecase in cream linen.  Hardanger design in centre in fine ecru thread.  The needlecase is closed with a needle woven button.






15381538      Mat

Hardanger mat stitched in white cotton perle on very pale green evenweave linen, using kloster blocks, buttonhole edge, picots, eyelets and satin  stitch motifs.

Late 20th century.      




15451545      Mat

Square Hardanger mat on white cotton/linen evenweave fabric with traditional blocks including dove's eyes, woven bars and woven Maltese crosses. Crocheted edge.

Early 2000's    





16631663      Embroidery

A piece of embroidery, designed by the donor, using traditional Hardanger designs. Worked on beige linen. Traditional edge.