EGV Collection

Grey/fawn linen panel.  Tree of Life design of leaves, pomegranates and flowers worked in bright colours.  Long and short and filling stitches.  Mounted under glass, in a dark wood frame.    
1972    Australia






Fawn cotton gabardine basket with design of clouds and raindrops and butterflies on curved lid.  Tree and rabbit on front.  Tree and rabbit on back.  Lid finished with twisted cord and dorset button.    
Mid 20th century    
Made in Australia



Panel with a design taken from a mid 18th Century Bed Hanging found in the American collection of the Metropolitan Museum or Art. Typical crewel design in shades of blue on cream linen. Mounted on blue fabric covered board.    
Mid 20th Century    




04 Curtain
Curtain of natural linen twill.  Three bands of crewel (wool) embroidery, each in slightly differing designs of birds and leaves.  Wools in a variety of greens, yellows, browns and blue. 1900-20    Australia   


05   Cushion
Natural linen Cushion piped in cream.  Design is floral, in pinks, blues and greens.    




06  Picture
Picture of hydrangea flower heads and leaves.  Long and short stitch, stem stitch and French knots in soft pinks, blues and green.







08   Bedcover (3 images)
Linen Bedcover, beige with floral crewel embroidery.  Floral spot motifs, with blue leaf pattern border.    
Late 19th century    



07   09


This is a typical Royal School of Needlework Jacobean Crewel Sampler showing different stitches and techniques in shades of pink, gold, yellow, green and blue/green crewel wool on linen twill.