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Collection_resizedThe Collection began soon after the Guild was formed with a donation of an Ayrshire Christening Gown. Today the collection has over 1700 pieces, fully catalogued (on museum sheets and electronically) and photographed. The Collection aims to be representative of all types of embroidery -this means English, European, Ethnic and Australian. However, the Collection is primarily concerned with the conservation rather than the restoration of embroideries.

In general, embroideries are donated with very few being purchased. We encourage people donating embroideries to check with family members before donating the embroideries to the guild.

We are happy to look at embroideries on the first Wednesday of the month from 10.30am to 2 pm, and provide advice on appropriate cleaning, storage and general conservation of pieces. An appointment must be made with the Guild.

We are not able to provide valuations for embroidered pieces.


Items in the Collection are regularly on display in the Guild and taken to regional branches. Pieces are also available for major exhibitions in the Guild, and for reference and study by teachers and students. Members of the Collection group are available to give presentations about embroidery to other organisations.

In addition to the main collection, the Guild also has collections of Lace and Historical Tools, which are listed separately on the EGV website.

Update from the Collection Committee

The new Collection team is currently exploring the treasures in the Collection as they do a complete stocktake.

We get many offers to donate items to the Collection. If you have something you would like to donate to the Guild’s collection, please email the details and photograph/s to then we will contact you.

If you have an embroidered item that you would like to know more about we may be able to help. Please email details about the item and photograph/s to

Items from the Collection will be in display in the Gallery at Embroidery House from 13th November through December and during Summer School in January. Come along to see beautiful lace, embroidery tools and a wide range of embroidered items. Note the Guild closes over the Christmas period from 10th December 2023.

Examples of Crewelwork

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Crewelwork

Grey/fawn linen panel.  Tree of Life design of leaves, pomegranates and flowers worked in bright colours.  Long and short and filling stitches.  Mounted under glass, in a dark wood frame.    
1972    Australia






Fawn cotton gabardine basket with design of clouds and raindrops and butterflies on curved lid.  Tree and rabbit on front.  Tree and rabbit on back.  Lid finished with twisted cord and dorset button.    
Mid 20th century    
Made in Australia




Panel with a design taken from a mid 18th Century Bed Hanging found in the American collection of the Metropolitan Museum or Art. Typical crewel design in shades of blue on cream linen. Mounted on blue fabric covered board.    
Mid 20th Century    




04 Curtain
Curtain of natural linen twill.  Three bands of crewel (wool) embroidery, each in slightly differing designs of birds and leaves.  Wools in a variety of greens, yellows, browns and blue. 1900-20    Australia   


05   Cushion
Natural linen Cushion piped in cream.  Design is floral, in pinks, blues and greens.    




06  Picture
Picture of hydrangea flower heads and leaves.  Long and short stitch, stem stitch and French knots in soft pinks, blues and green.








08   Bedcover (3 images)
Linen Bedcover, beige with floral crewel embroidery.  Floral spot motifs, with blue leaf pattern border.    
Late 19th century    




07   09


This is a typical Royal School of Needlework Jacobean Crewel Sampler showing different stitches and techniques in shades of pink, gold, yellow, green and blue/green crewel wool on linen twill.        

Examples of Hardanger Embroidery

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Hardanger Embroidery

0128128       Panel

Fine natural linen panel with an intricate design worked in natural thread.  The design is reminiscent of Hardanger and could possibly be a reproduction of an early form.



0566566       Collar

Collar with classical Hardanger design on Hardanger fabric.

Early 20th century.  


0567567       Blouse - Ladies

Cream linen blouse with high collar and full yolk, long sleeves and back opening. Two wide tucks down the front and pin tucking on the front and back. Yolk, high collar and cuffs embroidered in Hardanger embroidery.

Circa 1900





0568568       Blouse (Ladies)

Cream linen blouse with an upstanding collar, long sleeves and back opening, with wide tucks front and back. Collar, front panel and cuffs are decorated in Hardanger embroidery.

Circa 1900






0620620       Table Mat

White cotton table mat with a 6 cm border worked in a simple Hardanger style.







0637637       Mat

Mat on a grey-green evenweave double threaded cotton fabric, with classical Hardanger in matching thread.







0841ABCDEF841       Child's costume with several pieces:

  A.  Skirt: Black cotton with 2 green braid bands

  B.  Apron: White machine embroidery not Norwegian

  C.  Jacket: Red bolero (wool) edged in woven braid

  D.  Belt: Red wool, beaded in stars design

  E.  Vest: Red wool, black velvet edge, beaded with stars

                                                 F.  Hat: Red wool, black velvet edge, and beaded  in the traditional style of the Hardanger area.

                                                 Late 20th century  


0974974       Mat

White cotton Hardanger fabric with a Hardanger design at each end in white perle cotton.  Of interest are the patches of drawn fabric work, combined with the Hardanger.  The edge is hemstitched.




10191019      Needlecase

Square needlecase in cream linen.  Hardanger design in centre in fine ecru thread.  The needlecase is closed with a needle woven button.






15381538      Mat

Hardanger mat stitched in white cotton perle on very pale green evenweave linen, using kloster blocks, buttonhole edge, picots, eyelets and satin  stitch motifs.

Late 20th century.      




15451545      Mat

Square Hardanger mat on white cotton/linen evenweave fabric with traditional blocks including dove's eyes, woven bars and woven Maltese crosses. Crocheted edge.

Early 2000's    





16631663      Embroidery

A piece of embroidery, designed by the donor, using traditional Hardanger designs. Worked on beige linen. Traditional edge.










Examples of Assisi Embroidery

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Assisi Embroidery


222       Sachet

Assisi work - natural evenweave linen with double running in black round the design then filled in with blue cross stitch, leaving the design 'voided'.

Mid 20th Century 




10711071071det1      Tea cosy

Evenweave cream linen, pattern in Holbein (double running) stitch.  Bird design voided and cross stitch, double hem stitch.





12971297      S1297detachet

Cream linen sachet with design of rabbits.  Blue cross stitch and hemstitching and black

backstitch, with the traditional 3 tassels in each corner. 2000    




13731373    1373det  Panel

Panel depicting a vase of flowers in a technique resembling Assisi work (with back ground

embroidered and pattern voided).  The piece is on evenweave fabric embroidered with two strands of stranded cotton - 1 brown, 1 orange.







14691469      Table cloth and napkins

Cloth and napkins (6) in cream evenweave linen. Cloth has a traditional Assisi pattern of birds in blue and black.  Hem stitched edge and traditional triple tassels on the corners.

Mid 20th Century




1469Adet         1469B       1469Bdet











17121712   1712det   Mat

Square mat on ecru linen, embroidered in Assisi style, with a square centre and wide border of animals. Orange cross stitch outlined in black.





Examples of Blackwork Embroidery

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Blackwork Embroidery

0125125       0125detPanel

On fine white linen, the design of flowers and butterflies and leaves are worked in blue thread with some lurex also used.  A variety of traditional blackwork patterns.








0157157       Sam0158pler

Cream evenweave linen with a number of patterns in borders and squares.  Border of a diamond design.

Mid 20th Century       







09650965det158       Sampler

Cream evenweave linen with rows and groups of blackwork designs.  The lower groups of stitches are highlighted with gold.

Mid 20th Century
















10171017      Paperweight

Square glass paperweight with a traditional piece of blackwork set in base, embroidery is on

evenweave linen using a single strand of stranded cotton.






1428 1428det1428      Panel (Blackwork)


The piece is worked on white lugano in dark blue thread (one stitch in red).  The design is a

modern abstract using a variety of stitches.






15121512      Chess Board

64 squares, 32 embroidered, each with a different pattern.  Framed in a gold frame, with inscription "To celebrate the 50th Anniversary from the Blackwork Guidance Group".





1536 1536 det1536      Sachets

Three Lavender sachets in white evenweave linen, stitched in blackwork designs in cotton thread embellished with black seed beads and narrow black satin ribbons.

Two are backed with black wool fabric.

The third is beaded, with black synthetic textured satin fabric and edged with a cord.

                                                        Late 20th C



15371537 det1537      Mat

Cream evenweave linen mat with 8cm hemstitched edge and 64 outlined squares set out as a chessboard.  Alternate squares are filled with the same blackwork geometric design.  Narrow border.

Late 20th Century     





1547 det b1547 det b1547 A & B Samplers

White linen stitched in a variety of stitches in blackwork.  Edges are fringed.





1547 det a






16851685det1685      Pincushion

Chicken-shaped pincushion (Henny Penny) Blackwork designs on white linen, stitched in Perle 12 and cotton sewing thread. Black and gold beads and tiny gold sequins.

Early 20th C    







16921692det1692      Bag and Needlework Accessories

Linen bag, stitched in a single strand of pink cotton in traditional Blackwork designs. 4 pockets on outside of bag, fine cord with tassels to close bag. Accessories -needlebook, pincushion, scissor keeper, pincushion, and scissors.




Examples of Schwalm Embroidery

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Schwalm

13801380det1380      Needlework roll

Beige linen needle roll decorated with Schwalm embroidery in a floral design and a heart.  It is lined with a floral fabric.





15421542 det1542      Mat

White linen mat with hemstitched .25 cm hem with mitred corner.  Cream cotton thread in traditional Schwalm design with central large heart, 2 birds and 3 flowers.

Late 20th C     



15631563 det1563      Work bag

Deep pink linen bag with drawstring of handmade cord finished with tassels.  Monogram 'L' on the back of bag, inside an oval of embroidery.  Edged all around in scalloped buttonhole stitch.

 Late 20th/early 21st Century

Alphabet Samplers

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Alphabet Samplers

0052         0052det52 and 53        Samplers
Elizabethan alphabet letters A to Z worked over two samplers in cross stitch on natural even weave linen.  A variety of coloured stranded cotton and metal or lurex threads.  Two sizes of letters. Hem stitched edge.










0156156       Sampler

Beige linen embroidered in red.  The alphabet is worked with alternate squares in a variety of patterns.

 Date: Mid 20th Century







0984984       Sampler

Very tiny sampler with complete alphabet embroidered on very fine canvas in cross stitch

with a satin stitch edging and a very narrow silk ribbon bow.








10481048det1048      Sampler

Traditional style sampler of alphabets and numbers, done by a young child on a coarse linen fabric.

 Date:Mid 19th century








14731473det1473      Sampler

Small sampler on natural linen.  Cross stitch in grey thread.  Design is a simple alphabet and

numbers, with the name E. SMART 1800.  3 sides are hemmed and one end has a selvedge.


Examples of Chinese Embroidery

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Chinese Embroidery


00290029det29        Bag

Small bag made to suspend from a belt.  Floral design worked in twisted silk and gold thread, using satin and Peking knot stitches.  Large tassel of antique gold thread over wooden foundation.





00660066det66        Stole

Length of cream silk with panel of cream silk embroidery depicting butterflies.










01420142det142   House Flag

House Flag  with Chinese writing at the top.  Floral design with birds, butterflies and fruit on pink damask. Peking knot stitch in a great variety of colours, and much gold couching.





02740274det274       Fan case

Canvas embroidery on both sides of the case in silk thread of blue, green, gold, beige and mauve.  The handle, purple with green bead each end, shows the finish and decoration that the Chinese traditionally use.  Probably made for the tourist market.

 Date: Late 19th century



02810281det281       Shawl

Off white silk shawl, with the entire area embroidered in self coloured twisted silk thread.  All over flower design which includes some birds.  The edge is decorated with a 42 cm deep fringe of silk.

Date: Late 19th century




03200320det320       Framed Panel

A coastal scene worked in coloured silk on a satin background.  Willow trees, 2 boats, bridge, people and mountains.  This is a modern version of an old Chinese style.  Narrow green and gold frame.









03220322det322       Badge

Burgundy silk fabric embroidered with birds and flowers in silk thread.  The remainder of the design is in gold thread couched with red silk.  Lining – burgundy silk.







0338A0338Adet338       Panels

Modern Chinese designs of lotus flowers and birds worked in a satin stitch in a variety of colours on white satin. Chinese script and monogram of People's Republic of China. Gold frame.

Date: Mid 20th century








03390339det339       Sleeve Band

Classical Chinese design. The wide band of pale green satin is partly decorated with a band of embroidery.  Peking knot stitch outlined with a very fine white cord is worked in shades of pink, blue, yellow and green.  Subjects chosen are flower vase, bats, sea creatures and peonie roses.





05080508det508       Sleeve Band

Turquoise blue silk with delicate embroidered design of flowers, birds, butterflies and insects, in classical Chinese style. The edge is bound with black silk worked with a bright blue design and the lining is a magenta brocade.





05840584det584       Robe

Classical style of garment in red silk with coloured embroidery.  The symbols belong to a high ranking official - symbols of two white doves embroidered on the back, and also the long sleeves with their decorative embroidered bands of turquoise, blue, pink and yellow.  The front opens in an interesting way at the side with the small decorative buttons also used in a decorative fashion.

 Date: Circa 17th century





05910591det591       Panel

Panel made from a pair of unfinished embroidered slippers on a black satin background.  Classical Chinese floral design worked in Peking knots in many colours, edged with white stitching, mounted and framed.

Date: Early 19th century




07630763det763       Sleeve Band

Fine white satin edge with bright blue silk flower embroidery.  A fine example of Peking knot

stitchery outlined with gold thread showing traditional Chinese motifs and figures.




07700770det770       Robe band

Front/band for a woman's robe.  Royal blue satin embroidered with Taoist and Buddhist emblems in Peking knot stitch edged with couched gold and white or black thread.  Braids along inner edges. Reverse applique butterflies in four corners. Gold-cast button and roulette cords and loops on front.  Lined with blue, woven patterned silk.

Date: Late 19th century




07790779det779       Fragment - slips

Six floral motifs and one butterfly.  Floral slips, worked in Peking knot and couched metal

Threads, are glued to a rectangle of paper.  The butterfly, mostly in satin stitch, is loose.





07900790det790       Chinese gown

Black satin with very bright colourful embroidery - large circles of flowers and Taoist and

Buddhist emblems in profusion.  Pale mauve sleeve bands.

Date: September 1930







0944A0944Adet944       Jacket Pieces

Three pieces of an embroidered Chinese jacket. Black silk fabric very thickly covered with rows of couched threads, both gold and silk.  Design contains traditional Chinese symbols.   Lined with blue silk.
















10131013      Pin cushion

Fan shaped pin cushion in off-white silk, with Chinese style blue embroidery, finished with cord at base.  7 pins inserted.





10891089det1089      Purse

Small purse of traditional Chinese design - surface embroidery in polychromatic silk thread.

Design with citron, melon, bird and flower – black silk lined with blue.






12201220det1220      Blouse

Cream silk blouse, with a high Chinese collar, decorated with self coloured floral embroidery with cutwork, eyelets and punchwork. It is fastened with 'frogs' made of the same fabric.







12221222det1222      Table cover

Cream silk satin, embroidered in coloured silks, depicting flowers, butterflies and a central

peacock.  Each corner has an elaborate silk tassel in pink, green and grey.

Date: Early 20th century







12371237det1237      Fragment

Large silk and gold embroidery on green silk.  It has a number of symbolic motifs including a large dragon which denotes a person of high rank.  Piece is bound with black silk.

Date: Early 19th century?







12641264det1264      Mat

Cream silk mat with blue silk embroidery in a traditional Chinese design with peonies, bats and plum blossoms.  The border is made of two rows of woven braid.





12961296det1296      Shoes

Black silk uppers, lined in blue cotton, and stiffened with a small amount of quilting.  Lower edge embroidered in silk with multi-coloured flowers, leaves, 2 birds and ribbons.  Shoes show some wear.  Maybe they were for a child, or an adult with bound feet.

Date: Early 20th century (?)






13331333      Chinese embroidery

Part of a 7 metre long strip of silk gauze bought by a group (including donor) which was visiting China. One end was embroidered as a sample for the rest, which was printed with the remainder of the design.  Probably intended as an obi for the Japanese market.  Embroidered in an all over pattern of flowers and shells in softly coloured flat silk and gold thread in counted satin stitch.

Date: Late 20th century









13761376det1376      Panel

Embroidered dragon on pale gold silk in shades of green in a variety of stitches.






13781378      Cloak

White satin cloak with grey satin border and pale green lining.  It is embroidered in grey and ivory silk threads and silver metallic thread in a trailing floral design.






















14141414      Chinese Panel

Large Chinese panel in bright yellow silk with embroidered lions and palm trees.

Date: Before 1904     











1475a1475b1475      Purses

2 gourd shaped Chinese purses made from a gold fabric, possibly felt. Both are decorated with gold and green embroidery, pink and green tassels, and some sequins.  Blue lining.



14951495      Panel

Cream silk background, depicting people in various activities, a bridge, and dragon boats on the river. Colours are browns, yellow, oranges and reds.  There is a wide border of braid, edged in black, and a black wooden frame.









14961496      Panel

Silk and gold metal thread embroidery on green silk, showing a large bird (crane) centrally among pine trees.  Mounted on a dark green board with a lighter mount board, and framed in a light brown frame.

Date: Mid-late 20th Century









16171617a1617det1617      Handkerchiefs made in China

4 handkerchiefs

  1. White, rose and bows, satin stitch, drawn thread.

  2. White, flower sprigs, grecian design

  3. White blocked design with flower sprigs

  4. White blocked design with flower sprigs



1679abcde1679      Braids

5 braid pieces

A. Machine made, woven on cream background, dark  blue centre with gold work, diamonds at regular intervals

B. Green woven oriental lady in garden.

C. Black silk ribbon, hand embroidered with Chinese figures, trees, flowers, pagodas etc.

D. Blue crepe, machine embroidered flowers in a repeating pattern

E. Black crepe, machine embroidered flowers, pansies, roses etc.


17021702det1702      Handkerchief

White heavily embroidered Chinese made handkerchief. 25 circles are embroidered with Chinese symbols, and 16 small drawn thread circles. Fine scalloped edge.

Date: late 20th  - early 21st Century







Examples of Japanese Embroidery

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Japanese Embroidery


0165165       Purse

Natural evenweave linen with an overall design of Kogin pattern darning using red stranded cotton.  Lined with same linen.  Front flap tapers to a point. Edged in red, knotted and wrapped stitching





0166166       Scarf

Navy blue woollen material with Kogin pattern darning in blue, green and white.







0224224       Wall Hanging

A rural setting with cranes by a lake and floral and leafy background.  Top part is couched in

solid Japanese gold thread while the lower half has the design in muted coloured silks of blue, white, beige and green.  A border of grey and brown brocade with wood poles top and bottom for hanging purposes.

Date: Late 18th century



0416det0416416       Picture

Japanese scene with mountain, temple houses, trees and water.  Background silk painted in water colours and enhanced with surface stitchery. Straight stitches in white, red, orange, green and yellow. Worked with silk and some silver metallic thread also used.

Date: Early 20th Century



12801280det1280      Fan

Cream silk fan (possibly Japanese) with painted cherry blossom design.  Some blossoms are

embroidered in silk.  The frame is cream ivory/bone/plastic?




13621362deta1362      Three piece Japanese screen























16211621det1621      Kimono

Black silk kimono embroidered in silk and gold metal thread. Design has trees and white blossoms. Lined in orange silk, and heavily padded hem. Very poor condition.














16641664det1664      Picture

Traditional style Japanese embroidery on cream textured silks, embroidered in silks & gold metal thread. Subject - A Japanese lady in pink kimono. A phase piece from the Japanese Embroidery Centre Course of work. Signed.













16651665det1665      Picture

Japanese design of ribbons outlined and fixed in dusky pink stem and satin stitch and filled with various stitches in cream and also pink flowers. Double mount gold frame.


Examples of Patchwork

Note: Larger versions of these images can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > EGV Collection > Patchwork

00350035det35        Quilt

Made from 1cm hexagons.  Traditional style using paper templates with variety of plain and patterned fabrics from c. 1830.  Browns, fawns and red/pinks.

Date:c. 1860         




00360036det36        Quilt

Traditional hexagonal patchwork worked over paper templates (1cm) - some still remain.

Predominantly pink, red, fawn, brown and mauve.





00370037det37        Quilt

Small cover, unfinished.  Hand pieced hexagonal and diamond patches sewn onto rectangular base with applique hearts, stars and shapes around the edge.

Date: Mid 19th century





02600260det260       Patchwork bed cover

Hexagonal patches 3 cm in size have been used in a great number and variety of cotton fabrics in muted colours and fine printed designs of the Victorian era.

Date: Victorian




02900290det290       Quilt

White cotton bands of quilting between bands of diagonal squares of printed cottons.  Made in the American style.





03160316det316       Tea Cosy

Large padded tea cosy in crazy patchwork in silks and velvets.  Joined with embroidery stitches in heavy cream.  Both sides of cosy feature a central large star.  Heavy cord around edges and over the top.

Date: Mid 19th century





0364364       Panel

Log cabin patchwork in black and white machine stitched rectangles.  Framed in black.

Date: Mid 20th century


03820382det382       Quilt

Unfinished patchwork bed cover.  Diamond and cube-shaped patches arranged in box design.  Brocade silk satin and velvet, together with darker colours, are used to form the tumbling block design.





03950395det395       Tea cosy

1.5 cm hexagon patches placed diagonally.  Brown and chintz rose design used.  The lining is brown and hand quilted.  Inside is a piece of the chintz to show original design.

Date: Late 19th century     




0029det0029506       Bed cover

Partly patchwork, partly applique with 1840-60 design.  The central area and sides are in

colourful triangles of printed cottons.  The only border is made of floral cretonne and back is of plain calico.




0526526       Tea cosy

Crazy patchwork with large irregular patches of coloured brocade and velvet joined with feather stitching in suitable colours.

Date: Late 19th century




05290529det529       Patchwork

Crazy patchwork with some superimposed designs of animals and birds, all worked in coloured silks. The edge is bound with blue ribbon.

Date: Late 19th century




0557557       Ball

Ball made of complex patchwork shapes in varied pastel fabrics.







05780578det578       Table cover

Large diamond shaped table cover, made up of 2.5 cm hexagons in printed cottons, surrounded by cream hexagons as background.  Edged with red buttonhole stitch. Some papers and tacking are still in place.

Date: Late 19th century




06550655det655       Mat

The square is made up of brown, dark blue, blue and white piecing, some reverse applique and applique.  Some stitching showing on back which is cream cotton.






0656656       Coaster

Small circle of Laotian patchwork in 2 blues, tan, pink and black, edged in beige.







07330733det733       Panel

 A Mola panel from the San Blas Islands.  Design is black on white to represent five cats with red and white eyes, and delicate running stitch and stem stitch on the cats' faces.  Panel is framed in plain wood and then set on another wood frame with a hessian mount.








07440744det744       Quilt

Yellow cotton background and lining.  Design is crossed canoes, which are made up of coloured prints.






0745745       Sewing Aids

Set comprises round needlecase, pincushion and emery cushion, all of hexagons, in a blue and white floral fabric and plain blue fabric.  Pincushion is edged in blue velvet ribbon finished with a bow and a loop.





07470747det747       Vest

Strip patchwork in various blue florals, with occasional plain dark blue and bright pink strips

angled to each other.  Lining and binding are a small dark blue line floral on a white background.






07560756det756       Apron

Apron made by Seminole Indians.  It is made of bright yellow cotton with bands of seminole

patchwork in bright colours, trimmed with ricrac braid.

Date: September 1980






07870787det787       Quilt

Central area of quilt made up of long hexagonal patches (5.5 x 10 cms) and smaller diamonds. Patches in a variety of cotton and wool mixtures of fabric which looks like it came from men’s nightwear and warm shirts.  Outer border badly damaged.  Lining, pink cotton with navy lining in squares.  Wool batting.

Date:Circa 1900      



07880788det788       Cushion front

Log cabin patchwork in a variety of velvets and silks in creams, reds, purples around a central square of crazy patchwork, also silks and velvets which are heavily embroidered in a variety of stitches.

Date: c. 1900         





08220822det822       Patchwork quilt

Crazy patchwork using a wide variety of materials and colours.  Centre panel is deep red velvet with some surface stitches.  Red cord edging and cream synthetic knit lining.

Date: Begin 1892      




08660866det866       Mola

Red cotton background, with applique and reverse applique, and embroidery in bright colours.

Date: c. mid 1990's   







08670867det867       Garment

Red cotton fabric predominately with black white and green strips.  Blue grey centres.  Red straps to tie round neck.

Date: Circa 1970      








0868868       Bag

Bag of bright red, green and white cotton fabric and with white and blue fine ric-rac braid.  The patchwork top is attached to a basketry base made of grass and fibre.

Date: Prior to 1987   




0914914       Cushion covers

Alternating squares of red and navy linen. Each square is embroidered with an identical motif in red, white and blue machine chain stitches. Squares are joined with rows of double feather stitch, by hand.






0918918       Pincushion

Small hexagons, white with black apples on front, back is of stripes in yellow, black and white. Back and front are joined with black velvet ribbon, and finished with a bow and loop for hanging.

Date: Mid 1960's      




0923923       Bag

Square bag made of silk patches with the joins covered in feather stitch.  Drawer strings through plastic rugs.







0941det941       Wall hanging

"Into the Shallows"

This triptych is the final piece in the "Reef Series".  It is a celebration of the colours, complexity and fragility of the Great Barrier Reef.  Each piece is tapering from the top left to bottom right in predominantly blues.





















09580958det958       Quilt

Multi coloured crazy patchwork quilt with maroon border.






09590959det959       Fragment

Triangle of yellow silk cigar bands joined together with rows of feather stitching, backed

with fine yellow cotton.



11951195det1195      Mat

Blue border with grey and white narrow strips, then a grey and blue inner border of triangles and a centre square of naive embroidery in the Hmong style, with brightly coloured people and animals.  Colours of reds, pinks, greens, yellow and black.





12751275det1275      Quilt

Pinks and grey/green in star of Bethlehem design, pieced and quilted.





12951295det1295      Wall Quilt

Design of men's and women's Amish clothing, rows of bonnets, hats, trousers and dresses.  Outer border is black and the inner blocks are on white background.  5 blocks x 6 rows in construction. There is minimal quilting (hand).

Date: Early 21st century









13561356deta1356detb1356      Quilt

Log cabin style quilt.  Multicoloured strips of silk and some cotton.  Arranged in dark and light areas to form diamonds.  Backed with cotton in natural colour.

Date: January 1894



13681368det1368      Patchwork Jacket

The jacket is in crazy patchwork in shades of mauve and purple decorated with machine


Date: late 1980's     




14071407det1407      Tea cosy

Crazy patchwork tea cosy with a great deal of hand embroidery in a variety of threads.





15171517      Quilt

 "Quadrant 7"

Cream, 2 shades of peach, 2 shades of terracotta, and 2 of blue.  Rectangular pieces in a modern version of log cabin patchwork.  Quilt sleeves and rods top and bottom.





15871587 det1587      Quilt/Wagga

Suiting fabric made into a Wagga.  Lined with cotton.

Date: Early 1900's




16201620det1620      Anzac Quilt

Cotton fabric, red and green squares embroidered by members to commemorate family members of returned soldiers.





1652det1652      Patchwork band


A "Geyi Miao" panel (band) of tiny stitched squares of silk fabric, with alternate squares of

embroidered and folded fabrics, all enclosed with dark blue ribbon.  Colours - dark blue, green, pink, yellow and cream.  Back shows it was made on paper.



16611661det1661      Patchwork

Made by the Guild's patchwork group in 1981. Each block has an embroidered name by the member who contributed to the making of the quilt. Some sashings also have embroidered names of flowers. Multi coloured blocks, and sashings cream and calico. Hand quilted. Backing - small floral.




16671667det1667      Quilt

25 quilt blocks in various techniques including applique. Sashings of a greeny fawn cotton . A number of the blocks are signed.