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Unravelling Tudor Stitches

Tutor: Chris Berry

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Kit Cost: AUD $35

Class Fee: Members $88, Non-members $132

Times: 10am – 4pm

From portraits and extant textiles from the 16th and early 17th centuries, we see superb embroideries with designs of coiling stems, enclosing flowers worked in coloured silk work and metal thread.

Many of the stitches are based on one stitch – detached buttonhole stitch, which can give a variety of different effects. The aim of this course is to find out how to work these stitches and to be able to recognise them. Stitches include:

  • Detached buttonhole stitch
  • Detached buttonhole stitch variation
  • Corded detached buttonhole stitch
  • Detached up and down buttonhole stitch
  • Corded detached up and down buttonhole stitch
  • Corded detached up and down buttonhole stitch variation
  • Trellis stitch
  • Reverse chain stitch
  • Detached buttonhole stitch with metal thread cording

Students will work samples and then use this knowledge to stitch this scrolling stem design.


Monday 9 & Tuesday 10 March 2020

Class Code: CB20-L

Leongatha Branch

Class Venue

South Gippsland Council Chambers
9 Smith Street


28th January 2020

Learn, create,
stitch, make friends

Beginners welcome.

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