Annual Members Exhibition 2022 - Threading a Way

Saturday 8th - Sunday 23rd October 2022

It's over for another year! But go to our Gallery and select Annual Exhibition 2022 to view images of the exhibits.

Thanks to all exhibitors, sponsors, visitors and volunteers who made our Annual Exhibition 2022 such an enjoyable event. 

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Threading a Way - Review by EGV member, Jo Verity

On a mild Saturday afternoon, just after we had all heard about the extended flooding across Victoria, I made my way to our very own Embroidery House to see the latest exhibition. Entitled ‘Threading a Way’, it was more than I could have hoped for – and with a fabulous mix of contemporary and traditional embroidery, it represented the broad range of techniques for which we are famed.

There was stumpwork, goldwork galore, some quilting, contemporary silk embroidered pieces, traditional cross stitch, and an interesting stellar composition just inside the door. All complemented by the gift stall, a happily engaging demonstrator (blackwork on the occasion I was there) and the person selling raffle tickets, the bake book and monitoring the voting box. For we were called upon to vote for our favourite – which is my case was a sumptuous stumpwork Christmas piece with a circle of holly and a red robin perched nearby – but could just have easily been the contemporary leaf piece – with four bronzy coloured leaves embroidered each on a separate small tile, or the fabulous Elizabethan-inspired amulet by the always impressive Alison Cole.

After the extraordinary turn-out post lockdown of the 2021 exhibition, it was difficult to imagine how it could be beaten – but so it was; as it is every year.

With exhibition season upon us, I look forward to threading my way to at least one EGV Branch exhibition in the coming days.





Congratulations to all our Winners

Ways with Silk Challenge Winner: Sally Allison for Silken Sunset

Ways with Silk Challenge Highly Commended: Mary McArdle for Walking the Aqueduct Trail, Warburton

Viewers' Choice Winner: Susan White for 'Double Wedding Ring Wagga - Just a Little bit Crazy'

Viewers' Choice Runner Up: Mary Robbie for 'Homage to Astronomers and Dreamers'

Annual Exhibition Raffle

Annual Exhibition Raffle - Winning tickets:

1st Prize - Ticket 1530

2nd Prize - Ticket 0569

3rd Prize - Ticket 1522

4th Prize - Ticket 0011

5th Prize - Ticket 1647.

All Winners have been notified.