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Ethel Oates Scholarship

Scholarship Winners, 2017-8. The latest Ethel Oates Scholarship has been jointly awarded to Christine Burton and Victoria Elantseva. Congratulations to both for their outstanding submissions.

  • Christine specialises in blackwork embroidery and will study with the UK Royal School of Needlework and The Embroiderers’ Guild of America.
  • Victoria will continue her studies into old Russian pearl and gem embroidery, and gold and metal thread techniques. She will attend a metal thread Master Class with Alison Cole, and study with the Russian Ecclesiastical Embroidery School, based in St. Petersburg Russia.



The Ethel Oates Scholarship encourages members to improve and further their embroidery skills and knowledge. This biennial scholarship is awarded to a financial member of the Guild preferably, but not necessarily, under the age of 30.

The aim is to benefit both the recipient and the Guild.

The scholarship is intended to fund all types of stitching development. Previous winners have used the scholarship to help fund a specialist course or purchase particular equipment and supplies.

The Board may award all or part of the interest earned on the Ethel Oates Scholarship Fund (usually up to $1,500) over two years.

Payment is made in three installments: the first on the announcement day, the second at the beginning of the second year, and the third on completion.

The scholarship holder is expected to submit a written progress report at the end of the first year. After completion, the scholarship holder is expected to pass on their knowledge gained to Guild members. This can be through teaching, workshops, lectures or demonstrations, or other suitable means (for instance. one recipient arranged a major travelling exhibition).


Applicants must provide a submission containing the following:

  • Personal details – name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth.
  • Educational qualifications, including embroidery courses, classes etc. previously studied.
  • Examples of work, or slides or photographs to demonstrate embroidery skills.
  • The purpose for which the scholarship will be used.
  • The intended method by which acquired knowledge and skills will be passed on to the Guild.
  • The names and addresses of two referees.



Ethel Oates was a co-founder of The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria, in 1960. She created embroidery for over 90 years with technical excellence and an astonishing innate sense of design and colour. She mastered every genre that she attempted, producing exquisite whitework, blackwork, crewel work, relaxed and joyous collage and free embroidery, goldwork, canvaswork, drawn thread, ribbon work, patchwork, lace-making and more. This scholarship was established in her name, with the first award granted in June 1990.

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