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The EGV Board, 2018

President: Wendy Findlay

Vice President: Connie Fung

Vice President: Jenni Smith

Honorary Secretary: Yvonne Walton

Honorary Treasurer:  Rhonda Justus

Directors: Bev Lane

Mandy Ginsberg

Marian Cravino

Sandra Warren-Smith

Stella Hyde

Denise Blake

Jane McKee


Executive: Wendy Findlay, Jenni Smith, Connie Fung, Rhonda Justus, Yvonne Walton.

What does ‘Executive’ mean? Our definition:

  • The Executive Committee usually only meets between Board meetings when an important and urgent decision must be made rapidly. (When major renovations of Embroidery House were underway for instance, the demolitions sometimes uncovered a further problem, or a different direction, that had to be addressed before work could continue.)
  • When a decision must be made very rapidly, mail, email and telephone conversations can be deemed to be a meeting, as long as a written summary is presented to the next Board meeting, and the Executive Committee’s decision is accepted by the Board, and formally recorded.
  • With luck, such meetings are never needed!
  • (Informal meetings where no decisions are made are not deemed to be Executive Committee meetings.)

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