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Members are invited to a new Guidance Group at Embroidery House on the fourth Sunday of the month. The official meeting time is 10.00 to 12 noon, but bring your lunch and stay longer!

The idea of the group is to help  less experienced and newer members to interpret their ideas into stitch.

We will discuss ideas, books ,and techniques for contemporary embroidery. Bring along any stitching you have started. Please join us at our next meeting.

Our remaining dates for 2017 are:
August 27,  September 24,   October 22  and  November 26

Some ideas for the 2017 Members Annual Exhibition -Ebb and Flow theme:
Tides, rivers.

Regular changes – seasons, clocks, the lunar month. (Whitework stitchers could have fun with winter).

Plants, from seed to flower to seed. Trees.

Whole landscapes as they respond to fire, or new farmlands, or an invasive weed.

Backwards and forwards – echoes, seesaws, knitting.

Families. Growing up.

Sunrise to sunset.

Colours (Analogous colours (three colours next to each other in the colour wheel) e.g. f from blue green to green to yellow green. Or complementary colours (on the opposite sides of the colour wheel) e.g. moving from blue to orange)

That’s just the start! Please send more ideas to [email protected] and we’ll put them up here.



Learn, create,
stitch, make friends

Beginners welcome.

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