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Creative Playgroup

CREATIVE PLAYGROUP  Tuesday May 15th 10am with Mary McArdle

On Tuesday May 15th Mary will demonstrate  how to create some fabric or paper surfaces using simple print and mark making techniques, using inexpensive and easy to find equipment.


  • A piece of polycotton or calico to be a drop sheet. A4; A3? (These can often later be used as background of a collage)
  • Small pieces of fabric; synthetics work best, but natural fibres will take some of the dye.
  • Small pieces of curtaining, lace, etc
  • Stencils for rubbings, leaves, etc. Stamps – home made or bought
  • Transfer dyes (if they have them). I will bring primary colours
  • Small containers (with lids) for making up the dyes
  • Brushes (It is a good idea to have one for each colour, so about 4 or 5. The dye washes out. (I will bring extras)
  • Paper to paint – various sorts, of various absorbency. Photocopy paper is excellent
  • Textured paper can give interesting results – Pianola roll paper if you have any is great
  • A hairdryer if you have one

Hope to see you there!






Learn, create,
stitch, make friends

Beginners welcome.

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