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May Guest Speaker

Our May Speaker after the General Meeting on Saturday May 12 will be Margot Yeomans. Margot promises a most interesting presentation of her topic: Yesterday & Today: ‘slow fashion’ in art from the seventeenth century to today.

In her talk she will discuss the history of fashion through the medium of art, taking a journey back in time to feast our eyes on the men and women of fashion, whose clothes are made from sumptuous fabric and ornamented in intricate lace, braid and embroidery. As well, we will consider the people who made these desirably, fashionable clothes. The concept of ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ fashion will be explored. ‘Fast fashion’ is bent on giving the consumer a newer, cheaper, disposable garment almost every other day. On the other hand, ‘slow fashion’ – a term coined by Kate Fletcher in 2008 – is fashion that is well made, environmentally and ethically friendly and the garments are made to last. While the term ‘slow fashion’ might be new, the concept has been around since Eve sewed fig leaves together.

3rd May 2018

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