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August Classes

There are two new August classes: Bobbin Lace with Norma Turner (an ideal way to begin or continue your lace-making journey). Or work on your personal canvaswork spot sampler with Shelagh Amor.

Plus Intermediate Drawn Thread with tutor Susan Davis (6 sessions) starts at the end of July.

NT-50 Bobbin Lace

Skill Level: Beginners and above
Members: $89.00
Non-member: $122.00

This class is for beginners and ongoing students wanting to learn the techniques of bobbin lace. The torchon technique is ideal for beginners and is a stepping stone to making many other types of bobbin lace. You will learn a variety of stitches and produce beautiful pieces of lace. Making bobbin lace requires concentration and so while learning to make lace, all other worries and problems melt into the background. It is a delightfully therapeutic hobby and the reward for your hard work is the pleasure in the finished pieces.
(NB. This is a technique class, the photo is only an indication of the technique being taught.)

Dates: Thursdays, August 10, 17, 31 and September 7
Time: 10.00am – 12.30pm
Tutor: Norma Turner

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SA-51 Spot Sampler in Canvaswork

Skill level: Beginners and Intermediate Stitchers

Member: $89.00
Non-member: $121.00

Early embroiderers used ‘spot samplers’ to record stitches and patterns used by their family and friends, even after the invention of the printing press around 1440. There are many stitches and patterns that may be worked. Spot samplers provide an interesting way of learning canvaswork or returning to the technique after a lengthy break.
Dates: Sundays, August 20 and 27
Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm
Tutor: Shelagh Amor

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SD Intermediate Drawn Thread Work

Skill Level: Beginners/All levels welcome
Course Cost: $275.00

What is an Intermediate course?
About Drawn Thread Work
Drawn Thread Work is a technique that falls between embroidery and lace. Fabric threads are cut and withdrawn from the warp and/or weft of the ground fabric leaving open areas in the form of borders or grids. An embroidery thread is then used to decorate the remaining fabric threads and spaces in various ways, creating decorative, lacy patterns. Students need to be comfortable working on counted thread linen and have time to complete homework. (Drawn Thread Work is not to be confused with Pulled Thread Work, sometimes known as Drawn Work. In Pulled Thread Work no fabric threads are removed but they are pulled or ‘drawn’ together by embroidery stitches to create an open lacy effect).

Intermediate courses consist of six lessons. The course allows students to go beyond the basics of a technique, building up a collection of stitch samples and knowledge pertaining to that particular technique. Most courses require the student to produce two small pieces and one major piece.  A ‘major piece’ does not mean that the student has to produce a huge piece of work, but rather a piece of work that demonstrates that the student has a good grasp of the skills learned for the technique. Student work is assessed by the tutor, and a date for assessment is usually set for approximately six weeks after the last class of the course

Dates: Sundays, July 30, August 13, 20, 27, October 1, 8.
Assessment day: to be arranged.
Times: 10.30am – 2.30pm
Tutor: Susan Davis

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Beginners welcome.

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