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April Classes

April classes at Embroidery Intro-to-Free-Motion-Embroidery-350House cater for beginner and advanced students.

A lovely strawberry vine is the perfect choice to begin your journey in stumpwork and goldwork.

For those who have already completed basic goldwork, there’s a class in Or Nue.

Then there is a fun and relaxing hand stitching class in needle weaving.

Finally for those who wish to try Free Motion Machine Embroidery, this is your class.


SD-23 Or Nué


Skill level: Experience with couching of metal thread

Member: $89.00
Non-member: $122.00
Materials fee: (payable to tutor) $18.00

Or Nué is an advanced goldwork technique where you fill a ground with laid metal threads, creating an image by couching with coloured threads as you go. Subtle shading effects are created by varying the placement and density of stitches. From your choice of six designs offered, you’ll create a traditional piece over horizontally laid pairs of threads, and a contemporary piece worked in a circle with a single strand of metal thread.

N.B. The image shown here is an example of this technique, but not necessarily a design you will use. (Students will receive a sheet of designs for Day One, when they receive their requirements list).

Dates: Sundays April 2 and 9
Times: 10.00am – 3.00pm
Tutor:  Susan Davis

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AC-24 Strawberries – Stumpwork and Goldwork

Strawberries-350Skill level: All Welcome

Member: $98.00
Non-member: $134.00
Kit: $70.00 (payable to tutor)

‘Strawberries’ is the perfect class for beginners to stumpwork and goldwork techniques. It will cover both felt padding and soft cotton padding, plus two wired edging techniques on a hand-painted satin background. The embroidery is worked in silk threads and English gilt and coloured threads. Students considering participating in the Intermediate Stumpwork course (starting September) are advised to apply.

Dates: Wednesdays April 12 and 19
Times: 10.00am – 3.30pm
Tutor: Alison Cole

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RJ-28 Needle Weaving

Skill level: All WelcNeedleweaving-350ome

Member: $45.00
Non-member: $60.50

This is needle weaving with a difference. Using a variety of threads and colours you will create your own version of a daisy. The finished piece is only 7cm x 7cm, and your needle weaving will cover the entire area. The process is relatively simple, but like many technique it can be quite time consuming if fine threads are used. This is the perfect technique for using all of those odd threads you have in your stash.

Date: Wednesday April 26
Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm
Tutor: Rhonda Justus


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CB-29 Machine Embroidery for beginners

Skill level: BegiIntro-to-Free-Motion-Embroidery-350nners & those wanting experience for the Intermediate           Machine Embroidery course

Member: $45.00
Non-member: $60.50

This introductory course introduces you to basic free motion embroidery skills, including setting up your machine. There will be lots of exercises with instructions to develop fluidity, and a bit of fun sketching with the needle. Free motion embroidery is like drawing with a suspended pencil while you move the paper. The ‘lines’ are created by stitches, the size or length of which is determined by how quickly or slowly you move the fabric, combined with how fast the machine is run. Usually the feed dogs of the machine pull the fabric under the foot. In free motion work the feed dogs are lowered and a darning foot is used so that the operator controls the movement of the fabric.

Date: Saturday April 22
Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm
Tutor: Chris Beehag

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